So yeah. We’re not them.

We’re not an ad agency. We take clients and brands to new places that sometimes involve digital advertising and sometimes involve branding, but at the end of the day we’re just good old fashioned partners to great clients.

We’re OMNI. We’re a few miles from the Pacific Ocean. But (as our name says) we’re also anywhere and everywhere.

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So basically, we can be your digital agency in Austin.

And yes, we know Austin’s a tech hub where you could find limitless options for your internet marketing, branding, or advertising needs. But the thing is, OMNI’s a tech hub too. And while we might not be in Austin, we’ve got the solutions and the thinking needed to solve any problem you could throw at us. Don’t believe us? Give it a try. We won’t disappoint. You’re in Austin and we’re in LA, but what we really care about is good work, so if you’re interested in the same thing, drop us a line.

Our Capabilities


We like starting with a really big “what if?” From there we can go wherever we (you) need to go. And we always check ourselves and make sure it’s the right direction for your brand. Whether you’re a small startup looking to establish your voice and presence in a serious way or a big company needing a little rebranding love, we’ll find that sweet spot and make it yours.


UI/UX is all the rage these days, don’t you think? Yeah, well, we take it pretty seriously. Sure, it’s a trendy phrase to throw around—but only until your user journey sucks. We’re not cool with that. Our UI/UX people find or create the best possible user experience for every single client or project thrown at them, and when we say we take it seriously, we’re for real seriously serious (just try to joke about UI/UX at OMNI—see what happens).

Our Capabilities

Digital Advertising

If a tree falls in a forest and nobody's around to hear it, does it make a sound? Who knows, who cares. We make sure people are around to hear it. Through digital advertising, of course. We make some dope targeted digital campaigns, and we dabble in all sorts of unique ways to get your message heard.


Ah, that ever-evasive search engine optimization. Not to be too forward, but we’re pretty damn good at it. We’ve nailed some SEO best practices and proprietary strategies that can get your message out there in the world (on, say, the first page of Google [the only world that matters]).


We talk the talk that matters. And we do it in ways that engage people to be part of the conversation. Sometimes we even make them think it was their idea all along. Whatever. We get the people goin’.


Remember when we talked about dabbling in unique ways to get your message heard? Yep, we can do that through experiential marketing, too. We can play around in virtual reality, augmented reality, and whatever other realities make the most sense for a campaign. We’re rather fond of out-of-home stunts and unique wild postings, too.

Still not really sure what we do at OMNI?

It’s okay. That tends to happen when you take an industry that changes on the daily and throw in a company that can change with it.

TL;DR – We do what it takes to do good work no matter what our playground looks like.

Let's figure this out together