Are you using the right terminology for conversion?
Is it attracting customers to your Calls to Action (CTAs)?

CTAs are what customers click to eventually convert into customers. Examples of CTAs include Contact Us, Buy Now, or Call Now. The wording you have on your site can make a world of difference.

How does the copy on your site make your web visitors feel?
Does it evoke anxiety and hesitation or peace and calm?

As an internet marketer, your goal is to eliminate any doubt and calm any hesitations that visitors may have. Your terminology should remove negative emotions and replace them with positive emotions that motivate visitors to click your CTAs. Here are some examples of effective terminology to include on your site that will your drive visitors to your CTAs.

1. Guarantees

This is one of the essential benefits that a business can offer. So much so that it is not even viewed as a privilege, but as a right. If you want your customers to feel certain that your product is excellent and worth their money then you should provide a guarantee.

By giving customers the option of a 30 Day Trial or a Money Back Guarantee, you are giving them the peace of mind that your product works. If you offer them the opportunity to return an item that is unsatisfactory or the chance to get their money back, it assures them that they will not be wasting their money.

This option to reverse their purchase is mostly a psychological strategy. The astonishing fact is that most customers don’t even use this privilege. The guarantee works mostly to remove the concept of risk and encourage conversion. Other common types of guarantees are:

  • Free Trial
  • Risk-Free Guarantee
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Lowest Price Guarantee
  • Price-Match Guarantee

The terminology in all these guarantees uses positive wording that gives customers a feeling of assurance and affirmation that they are making a good decision.

2. Free Shipping

One of the biggest reasons that visitors abandon their carts on E-commerce sites is the increase in purchase price. The store will add shipping at checkout, causing an unwelcome spike in the final expense causing web visitors to turn away.

By simply adding free shipping to you business strategy, you can improve your conversion rate. In a Pitney Bowes survey, 49% of respondents said they would abandon their purchase if shipping was too high. Offering free shipping can be an added tactic to raise conversion.

Of course free shipping isn’t always feasible or wise for all businesses. But it can be offered on certain orders or special promotions during holiday seasons. Every business should research if it would be a profitable decision. Here are some tips from Kissmetrics:

  1. Compare the conversion rates in your analytics data with and without the free shipping
  2. Increase the minimum order value for free shipping, and compare
  3. Offer free shipping for specific products only and observe the results
  4. Increase your prices to make up for shipping and compare the profits

Remember, placement of these messages is important. Customers need to see these to be encouraged to make their purchases. Apple mentions free shipping next to their CTA when purchasing a MacBook.

Amazon offers free shipping on orders above a certain price or with special offers. Again, this terminology is included somewhere near the CTA.

3. Privacy Policy

Identity theft and scams are a real issue and have made E-commerce and online transactions a scary place for web visitors. Online privacy is very important and crucial to your success as a business. Customers want to know that their personal information including email addresses, credit card details, and phone numbers are kept private. The recent scandal is a perfect example of customer privacy being violated and how negatively it can impact your company.

By reassuring your clients that their identifiable information is kept safe, you will overcome their uncertainty. Most sites include a message that ensures customers that their personal information will be kept private. When making an online purchase on the website for Macy’s, you can see that they have a Secure Shopping guarantee.

Overall, using the right language on your site can help to direct clients to your CTAs. Offering a type of guarantee encourages visitors to make a purchase. Free shipping is a simple way to increase sales. Lastly, Privacy Guarantee messages calm any worries that customers may have. You will able to establish whether your CTA’s are effective by looking at your analytics data. Being eloquent and including this terminology near your CTAs are surefire ways positively speak to your clients and increase conversion.

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