We all have a favorite sports team (Go Niners!). If you love sports, we bet you’re aware of the level of dedication and allegiance that comes with being a fan. We’re talking painting your face, smack talking, and traveling great distances to witness your favorite players in action – that kind of dedication. Most likely, there is a reason you root for that specific team that is much deeper than an advertisement you saw on TV.

Most professional sports teams have to do very little marketing to get seats filled in their stadiums. Let’s be real, businesses would do pretty much anything to generate this kind of brand loyalty. Can you imagine? It seems impossible right?

Good news – It’s possible.

Don’t get me wrong – there’s no promising that your clients will be painting their faces with your brand colors and getting tattoos of your logo (you know who you are), but it’s possible to become a well-known name in your industry with the help of an internet marketing company. Check out the three reasons why your online brand should act more like your favorite sports team.

1. It’s good to be aggressive. B-E aggressive.

Have you ever seen a sports team win a championship simply by showing up? In order to become the champion in your particular sport, you must work hard, be aggressive and show some competitive spirit.

Just like sports, you can’t win just by doing your job or providing a service. You need to be better than the competition. It’s vital to give your clients a great reason to come to you over your rival. Did your biggest competitor take a percentage off the price of their main service? Give your customers an even better offer that they can’t refuse. A little healthy competition never hurt anyone and you’ll have your customers coming back for more!

2. Teamwork makes the dream work.

You’ve probably heard the saying before in sports – your team is only as strong as your weakest player. This same concept applies to your online brand. Just like the players in a game-winning play, all aspects of your brand need to be strong and synergistic. Your star quarterback can’t complete his touchdown pass without your talented running back or wide receiver there and ready to catch it. Not to mention, your defense needs to be prepared to protect your players from getting tackled.

Imagine that your star player is your website. In order for your website to score points for your business, it needs a strong team of SEO optimization, conversion-based design, content management, and more to back it up. In addition, you need an effective line of defense when it comes to your online brand, or reputation management.

Make sure there are no weak links in your online brand and you will not only be set up to win, but you will crush your competition and dominate your industry.

3. It’s important to remember where you came from.

Every great team has legendary stories and players from the past. Think Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, or Joe Montana. Just like your favorite sports team, your business also has a history that has made you who you are today.

Use the same dedication that sports teams put into their home city and fans and focus your online brand towards your loyal customers, or target persona. Not only will this establish a personal connection, but it will keep them coming back to your business for whatever product or service you provide.

Alright, coach. It’s time to get your online brand out on the field.

Ready? Break!

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