Just like gravity, great brands are able to pull a body of mass close to them and keep them within their orbit. Great brands don’t have to chase people around — instead they have people gravitating towards them at a consistent rate. Both brands and gravity are known as irresistible forces, able to pull at people and move people in ways previously unimagined.

The same laws of gravity that we learned to love in physics can be applied to branding.

The equation behind a brand and gravity are very similar — they both encompass

  • Size
  • Accessibility
  • Speed

For gravity, that equation includes:

  • The mass of the object
  • The distance between the two objects
  • Force

Similarly, a brand’s equation of influence includes:

  • The scale of the company
  • The availability of the brand
  • The ease of purchase

In the traditional world of marketing, building any of these three factors behind a brand would be time consuming and costly. However, thanks to the digital atmosphere, it is easier than ever to increase your size, be closer to your target customer, and create a smooth purchasing process.

Previously, in order to build the gravitational pull, a business would need literal mass (aka multiple store fronts). Multiple storefronts results in more money spent on distribution, overhead, labor costs, and more.

Increase the Gravitational Pull of Your Business

Today, the Internet makes creating a larger mass possible for companies with limited resources. By leveraging the Internet to increase your brand’s equation of influence, or gravitational pull, you will be able to get closer to your customers and keep them in your orbit.

Increase the emotional connection

For any business, it’s essential to get into your customer’s head and understand the persona of your target customer. By digging into their core personality, hobbies, motives and more, you can strategically communicate with your customers in a way they understand.

It’s important to create a personality for your business and make sure that your business’s personality speaks directly to your target customer’s personality. A personalized experience will make your clients comfortable and ease any purchasing anxiety.

Be Everywhere

In order to increase the connection with your customers, it’s important to always be available. Luckily, with the help of the Internet, this is easier than ever.

Step 1: Make sure your business is built out on all major SEO platforms, including maps and local directories, review platforms, and social media platforms.

Step 2: Make sure you are actually active on these platforms. To achieve this, you need to have a sound social strategy, numerous reviews, and a functional website to lead everyone back to.

Play Larger

As explained earlier, one of the main factors in gravitational pull is size.

If you’re small, why not play larger?

By acting bigger than you are, consumers will be drawn to your brand and your mission. The Internet makes this simple. By creating content that’s worth sharing, customers will be more likely to engage with your business and share your mission with their friends and family, therefore increasing your reach and size.

Creating an emotional connection with your customers, being available everywhere, and acting bigger than you are you will increase your business’s gravitational pull. With the help of the Internet, all business owners have the tools to increase their brand’s influence.

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