“New Year, new you!” Okay, maybe not exactly. Whether or not you believe in this ever-so-popular resolution to the start of a new year, your online presence may very well need a ‘New Do’.  

Cohesive branding is an essential component to the impact, conversion, brand recognition, and trust gained through your website visitors.

4 Reasons Your Business Needs Cohesive Online Brand Management

There are numerous benefits to having your website and overall online presence cohesively branded. Read the four most important reasons below.

1. First Impressions Are Everything

Just like when you meet someone for the first time, their handshake is usually the ‘tell-all’ precursor to the conversation you are going to have. Firm handshakes typically indicate that the person is eager and determined to make an impression on you, versus the weak handshakes that leave the exact opposite impression.

Whether we like to believe it or not, a handshake can tell us a lot about what kind of person we are being introduced to. Well, first impressions on a website are very much the same and a crucial part of conversion.

The internet has changed the way people do business—and that is a fact. Now your website has to speak for your business, and has to be a direct reflection of your brand, which is why branding is so important. It’s all about portraying the right message to potential new clients by making a super positive first impression.

2. Professionalism Is Key

No matter what the age of your visitors are, they can appreciate a beautifully designed website, whether they realize it or not. Cohesive branding helps your business appear more professional, resulting in potential clients taking you and your services more seriously.

3. Gaining Trust

Trust is extremely important in regards to cohesive branding. Your potential clients must trust your business if you want to generate sales and grow an engaging audience.

Think of your online presence as if it were how you got dressed for a business meeting. If you showed up with messy hair, a ripped shirt, and flip flops—would you trust that this person is who they say they are? No. Dressing in a suit is how you will gain the trust and loyalty of your customers.

4. Your Own Identity

Carrying on with the previous example, your business’s online branding mirrors the same principles of your own personal identity.

What is your style? How do you carry yourself? What kind of personality do you have?

All of these things can be applied to your online branding efforts such as colors, fonts and tone of your business.

Your unique cohesive branding gives your business a voice without having to say anything, and gives your potential clients something to relate to.

Why Cohesive Branding Is Crucial for Your Brand Management Strategy

Cohesive branding is much, much more than just a simple logo, it is the full experience of your online brand. Having a well thought out and designed online brand differentiates you from your competitors, builds trust, creates professionalist, and makes an amazing first impression which all feed into new sales and growing your business.

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