How You Can Boost Your Sales with Brand Management During the Holiday Season

The weekend after Thanksgiving you were probably doing at least one of these three things:

  • Shopping at the mall
  • Online shopping
  • In a turkey trance

Let’s be real—we were all in somewhat of a turkey coma, but there’s no denying that it didn’t stop everyone from the biggest shopping weekend of the year.

According to the National Retail Federation, over 135 million people shopped over the weekend and over 183 million filled their online shopping carts on Cyber Monday.

As a business owner, this is a perfect opportunity for major sales, but what if you missed out? Don’t worry. There are many ways to get on board—here’s seven of them.

1. Were Your Customers on the Naughty or Nice List?

It’s not necessarily about quantity, but quality when it comes to holiday specials. Many businesses will push a lot of specials during the holiday season hoping to capitalize on these opportunities. Rather than pushing many specials that might make you an extra buck, give your customers a special with value. Don’t give them coal or socks, give them the shiny red bike.

2. Show Your Local Personality

If your business is local, don’t be afraid to get involved in your community. This will help you communicate directly to your customers. Through the holidays, there are many local events that need your business’s help through sponsorships and promotions. Get involved through a sponsorship or encourage your employees to go to events near your business to show you care about your local community.

3. Get Creative

Whether it is a holiday special, a local event, or a company party, incorporate your holiday spirit into your social media strategy. When posting on social media, remember it’s always good to post images. Get creative with your own branded images, profile pictures and more. Even our OMNI ‘O’ got in the holiday spirit!

OMNI Holiday Logo

4. Deck Your Halls

Fa-la-la-la-la, Deck the Halls, Jingle Bells and all that jazz. Embrace your company culture and have a party! By creating a strong culture within your company, the stronger it will be outside of the office. Don’t forget to share these events with your social following as well. Your clients want to learn more about you.

5. Spread the Cheer for All to Hear!

Utilize your email marketing campaigns this season with specials, promotions, and company culture images. Send segmented campaigns—a campaign for current clients, a campaign for promotions, a campaign for potential clients, or even one that satisfies all! Don’t forget to thank your clients for another great year.

6. Pay it Forward

Just because #GivingTuesday passed doesn’t mean the giving season is over. Whether it is sponsoring an event, getting employees to help in the community, or donating proceeds from your sales to a good cause, your business can be promoted through your good deeds.

7. #BeTrendy

From #CyberMonday to #ShopSmall, jump on board with what’s happening online. Check out the trending topics daily to see what may be applicable to your business. It could be something specific to your industry or simply something everyone can be a part of. This can increase the engagement with your followers.

How These 7 Brand Management Tips Can Benefit Your Business Long Term

All that said, don’t think it’s time to step off the sleigh just yet. It’s time to finish the year strong. Using your Internet marketing strategies, your business can have major success throughout the holiday’s and even long term—even if Rudolph has to guide you.

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