‘Tis the season for giving back! The holidays are quickly approaching and it’s time for your business to get involved with the community.

Wrong. Okay, okay…yes the holidays are a great time for giving back, but honestly your business should have been giving back the entire year. The holidays can just be another excuse to give back and recap the good your business did all year.

7 Simple Ways Your Business Can Give Back

What are some things your business can do to give back year-round? Well, here are 7 ways you and your employees can get involved!

Food Drives

Food drives are particularly popular around the holidays, because those in need may not have the means to have a big turkey dinner with all the fixin’s. Not only that, they may not have anyone to share it with. This is a great opportunity for your entire company to get together and do something good.

Typically, there will be a local food bank that you’ll be able donate at least one hour of your time. Not only would this be an opportunity to give back, it is a great way to bring your employees together doing something good.

Food drives are not only available during the holidays, but you can give your time or supplies throughout the entire year.

Sponsor an Event or Team

Whether you’re a local business or national brand, there are endless opportunities when it comes to sponsorship. Within your community, there are sports teams, sports facilities, schools, 5K runs, marathons—the list goes on. Often times, supporting these causes isn’t a one-way exchange. When your business decides to support the cause with your funds, you’re likely to get the publicity in exchange.

Offer Your Expertise

In some way shape or form, every business can offer their expertise to those in need. It may seem like a crazy idea to do work pro bono, but the return can be so much greater. Just a few examples of how different industries can give back:

  • Home Services – Donate your time or supplies for home builds
  • Restaurants – Provide food or catering services for those in need or local events
  • Financial Services – Donate time to sit down with non-profit organizations and help them through budgeting and upcoming taxes
  • Retail – Donate time and product to create custom apparel for events, teams and more
  • Entertainment – Hold fun events for particular groups and nonprofits

Ask Your Employees

Unfortunately, many have gone through traumatic events that causes organizations to be near and dear to their heart. As a business owner, if you’re not passionate about any cause, open the door to your employees.

There may be ways that you can get involved throughout the year from sponsoring a golf tournament, sponsoring an employee to run in a charitable marathon, volunteering time at a special event and more.

A Company Piggy Bank

It may seem so simple, but that’s the point. Each quarter, choose a charity that you will give back to. Set a jar in a high traffic area so employees can easily add to it when they have a few extra bucks left over from lunch.

After the 3 months is up, donate the proceeds in your company’s name. Make sure you keep your team updated and telling them each and every time where it’s going and how much was donated. This helps keep everyone on board for next quarter!

Donate a Portion of Proceeds

Set up a product or service where a portion of the proceeds will be given directly to the cause. Not only are consumers more likely to buy a product when a portion is being donated, but this is something you can promote directly to your customers.

Trying to get rid of some inventory for the season? Instead of the regular sale jargon, take that same percentage and donate it! Your customers will love it.

Create Partnerships

Doing many different things to give back can sound time consuming. Instead of doing many different things, find one organization to partner with throughout the year. You’ll be able to integrate different ways to give back to one place with cause marketing. There are even companies that will help you achieve this and partner you up with the perfect fit.

Now, go tell the world! Don’t be shy about it, you should be telling everyone.

  • Promote it in your Internet marketing strategy
  • Share on social media – share posts, pictures
  • Share internally with your entire company
  • Share with family and friends
  • Share your experiences as a business owner

Honestly, the more the better when it comes to giving back. Share how giving back has helped your company and your community in any way possible. Don’t wait for December to deck the halls, get started now!

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