Step Up Your Brand Marketing with Lessons from Taylor Swift

Whether you rock out to Taylor Swift or prefer to sing along to a different genre, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that Taylor Swift mastered the art of marketing. From extreme hype around her new releases to her social media domination, she has cultivated a vast fan base. Her approachable and genuine personality adds to the willingness of the media and her fans to spread her message.

Since her start in 2008, Taylor Swift has released 4 albums, toured around the country multiple times, and created a devoted fan following. Throughout her most recent tour, she managed to sell out the majority of the shows, generating over $4 million per show!

So, how did she do it? Here are some marketing takeaways from T-Swift’s rise to fame:

Start the Conversation

Taylor has never been afraid to stand up for what she believes in. With the release of her 1989 album, she made a stand against Spotify and opted to not have her music available for streaming. Her actions communicated her message—music is a worthy art, and artists deserve to be equally rewarded. Although this upset some of her fans, it also opened the door for a more loyal connection to those who believed in the same values.

As a business, don’t shy away from what you believe in. Although you may lose customers who aren’t 100% loyal, you will gain a bigger connection with those who decide to remain. In addition, by starting the conversation, you hold the power. You have the ability to control where the conversation goes, what the key takeaways are, and how you are perceived.

Meet Your Customers Where They Are

Instead of waiting for your customers to come to you, it’s time to meet them where they’re comfortable! Taylor Swift accomplished this beautifully through her social media campaigns. For example, Taylor used social media to invite her fans to a recording of her first hit of the 1989 album. Not only did fans come flocking to be a part of the video, but she managed to created a buzz and excitement for her album before its release date.

Businesses need to participate in platforms where your customers are present. By cultivating conversations on major platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you have a better opportunity to reach your target market. When you meet your audience where they are, you stay ever-present in their minds.

Humanize Your Brand

It is no secret that people feel a stronger connection with people over faceless businesses. By humanizing your brand, you create a personality and experience that customers can relate to. Taylor Swift accomplished this by writing and publishing songs about her personal experiences. From her breakup with John Mayer to her heartbreak from Joe Jonas, there isn’t a personal experience Taylor Swift hasn’t shared with her audience. Although some may say she is a bit too revealing with her personal feelings, she has nonetheless created an authentic personality and communicated it through her lyrics.

By creating a relatable personality, businesses will be able to truly connect with their customers. Your customers will feel like they’re talking to a friend when they give you their business, and will reward you with understanding and loyalty.

Take the Time to Appreciate Your Customers

Taylor is known for never skipping an opportunity to show her fans attention. This past Christmas, Taylor created a campaign known as “Swiftmas” where she sent out personalized gifts to her fans. This act of kindness established a stronger relationship with her fans and made them feel valued.

By offering your hospitality and support, you can make your clients feel less like a number and more like an essential factor of your business. Afterall, a customer with a strong connection will create a ripple effect, creating brand ambassadors along the way! The more loyal brand ambassadors you have, the more people who are willing to share your message and mission.

Whether you are Taylor’s number one fan or opt to listen to something else, it is impossible to argue against her large influence. By using strategic marketing tactics, Taylor has created a strong community of followers and has managed to make herself a household name. So go follow in her footsteps and see how far your brand can go!

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