The number of technological advances that have happened just within this year is incredible. It seems like there is always some new gadget that is going to improve your business’s efficiency, or some new program that promises to increase your sales.

As a business owner, it can be confusing and difficult to make a decision that’s best for your company. While internet marketing is crucial and some new tech advances can be beneficial, there is one constant amongst all of this clutter that will never fail.

The telephone.

3 Reasons Your Phone Can Help Better Your Brand Management

Whether you have the latest and greatest smartphone to operate your business, or you have the classic cord phone set on your desk – talking on the phone is the most widely utilized and effective way businesses can communicate with their customers.

What makes this the case? Why are phones still at the heart of businesses today?

1. Phones Are Always Accessible

Whether your potential clients are workaholics or stay-at-home moms, each and every individual you are looking to connect with has access to at least one phone. This is especially the case now that almost everyone has a cell phone on them.

If you need to reach out to your clients to follow up about a service, or they need to ask you a question about an order they placed—a phone call is a quick and easy avenue for that communication.

Not only that, but putting a voice to a name helps to establish trust between that customer and your business.

2. Talking Provides More Value

Have you ever called someone hoping to reach them and instead of calling you back they text or email you?

When you have something important to say, getting a written response can sometimes be off-putting. Providing your business phone number to your customers means that you should provide quality customer service to back that up.

What if a customer sends you an email?

Yes, sometimes emailing is a much quicker form of communication. But if the issue is a little more complicated, pick up the phone and call them!

A friendly voice and quick answer to their question will give your brand gravity and build a connection between your brand and them.

3. Talking On The Phone is Universal

Some companies mainly communicate through emails. Some companies do most of their business face-to-face. All businesses use the phone.

Phone calls are the most consistent way that your business can communicate with someone else that is important to your success. Phone calls are direct, straight to the point, and avoid any delays that an email or text may carry.

Improve Your Brand Management by Picking Up the Phone

As a business owner, it’s a known fact that you are always going to be busy with something. With that being said, it will be worth the extra few minutes it will take to nix the auto-reply email and to return the phone call you missed. Remember that calling someone will deliver much more than a voice. It will establish trust in your brand, provide value to your potential clients, and will help spread the word that your business is that much better than your competitor’s.

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