When it comes to making outlandish proclamations, there are few people in the world who can compete with musician, fashion designer, avid Twitter user, and self-proclaimed genius Kanye West. He regularly finds himself in the eye of a storm that he seamlessly created. There is no doubt that the internet gives Kanye the platform he’s always wanted to reach the masses.

A Lesson In Online Brand Management From Kanye West

Regardless of how you feel about his music, the statements he makes, or anything he releases into the world, there is no denying that Kanye has demonstrated an aptitude for using the internet to his advantage in marketing his brand.

His Voice is Authentic

In internet marketing, there are a number of components that go into creating an effective online brand. When people find your site, you need to have solid content marketing that seamlessly communicates your brand’s message and the provides information about products you offer. As a business owner, you need to be extremely conscious of the voice in which your content is written. Some businesses want their voice to be professional, formal and extremely informative. Others might create a better connection with their target audience by using a friendly, casual voice. No matter what your approach is, one of the most important aspects is authenticity. This is something that Kanye West excels at. What he actually says seems to matter less than the way he says it, because audiences know that he’s being true to himself.

He Embraces Social Media

Due to its accessibility, social media is a must have for any businesses trying to promote their brand online. Social media management is crucial, since it allows you to find a broader audience and engage with them in a more direct way. Your company’s social media should involve strategically planned posts that represent what’s unique about your brand. One of the best aspects of social media is that that you can get rapid and frequent feedback. This lets you to assess and readjust your strategy quickly and efficiently.

Kanye West on social media (Twitter specifically) has become great fodder for the internet. It shouldn’t be any surprise that some of his most inflammatory and controversial Tweets came closest to the release of his new album, The Life of Pablo. Any buzz that he creates around himself can somehow find its way to to the product. There’s no arguing that Kanye creates engagement and discussion on Twitter, whether he’s fighting with his exes, having an apparent meltdown, or doing this:

His Online Presence Yields Results

As sporadic as his every action may seem, Kanye West has proven that he can deliver. He released his new album during a live listening session held at Madison Square Garden (the event itself sold out in a matter of minutes). He also live streamed the entire show via Tidal, a music streaming company he owns a stake in. On the day of the event, the following statement was released by Tidal: “With over 20 million people logging in at once to stream the show there were tech issues”.

That is an absolutely staggering number. On top of that, Kanye only made his album available through Tidal, and not on more common platforms like Spotify or iTunes. In a matter of days, Tidal became the most downloaded app in the iOS App Store, the first time it had ever reached that pinnacle.

Kanye West and the Internet of Things

Just like there are plenty of marketing lessons to learn from the Kardashians, Kanye is an interesting case study in how celebrity and the internet leads to tangible monetary results. His brand is established, and he amplifies it using things like Twitter. No one can claim to be like Kanye West, but he proves that any business can benefit from a powerful and well managed online presence.

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