Converting new customers is a science that requires the help of all your marketing channels. Use these 10 tactics to convert the people who are finding your online brand every day.

1. Customer Persona

First thing’s first. Know who you’re selling to. Consider your ideal customer. Develop a well-thought-out customer persona, and your strategy will take shape to cater directly to them, increasing conversion across all marketing channels you choose to employ.

2. A Short Path

No matter the motive for coming to your site, the path it takes to get to where a website visitor is trying to get should be short. 1-2 clicks to each of your informative service pages is ideal, and consider the same for your contact information. We’ve all been frustrated by the difficulty experienced while trying to find a customer service number. An overwhelming navigation or long path can be a conversion killer, especially on mobile.

3. Company Culture

Inspire trust and convert more by infusing your team and your company culture into your marketing strategy. Feature it on your website, in your social media posts, and your email marketing campaigns. This will inspire trust in your brand right away. Ease consumers’ anxieties and prepare to convert more.

4. Persuasive Writing

Think carefully about what is important to your customers and list those things out on your website home page. Include them in your business descriptions on directory listings and social profiles to drive more traffic to your website. For example, are you in an industry where consumers are looking for a bargain? Lead with your pricing!

5. Testimonials

Do you have rave reviews online? Share them! Include them on your website to boost customer confidence and conversions. Release them slowly in your social and email marketing plans. These posts tend to do very well in terms of social media engagement, as your supporters love to fuel your success.

6. Your Why

Your mission and your core values are part of why you do what you do for customers. Lead with why on your website and you’ll cut to the core of searchers, socializers, and website users, making their decision to convert an easy one.

7. Calls to Action

Sometimes all online consumers need is a little push in the right direction. A CTA (call to action) gets them going down the path you want them to take, towards your contact information, submission form or other way of converting.

8. Simplicity

On your website, elements of design shouldn’t be too cluttered. Keep it very simple and leave white space for the eye to rest. This will further increase the chance that a user clicks down the path you want them to take.

9. Highlight Life Without You

Of course you want to highlight the benefits of your product or service, but one little-known content marketing strategy is to bring to light what life looks like without your product or service. Remind them of the hardships you’re solving – the pain points you’re here to heal. What are they missing out on if they don’t convert? Bring that to light.

10. Form Strategy

If you’re utilizing contact submission forms on your website, make them simple to find and fast to fill out. Remember that limited options makes it easier for users to commit to submitting that form and once they’re in the funnel, they’re more likely to see through their purchase.  

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