“Why am I not on the first page?”  

We hear this from business owners all of the time. Well, would you ask someone on the first date why you’re not married yet? Absolutely not. Internet marketing is pretty much the same thing. You can’t expect to get everything right away.

Previously, we’ve discussed how you need to woo Google by giving you a complete dating guide, but what happens next? Do you take the next step and meet her parents? Maybe you’re almost there and you’re ready to pop the question and do what it takes to win her heart forever. Let’s take a look at how this relationship with your online brand can go after getting to know one another.

Shake Your Nerves

Scared to put your business out there? We know, but you’re going to have to be vulnerable. You’ll have to face meeting new customers, braving scary challenges, and spending more money—but guess what? In the end, it’s all worth it. Internet marketing is an ever-changing industry and you should be confident in taking that next step to put yourself out there.

Third Date Rule

Maybe you’re not the relationship type and you want results quickly, so you turn to online advertising. Today is the day; you pampered your campaign with the right keywords and phrases just like you’d make sure you’re fit to a T. You found the perfect daily budget so you don’t break the bank, just like you would to leave enough for dessert if the conversation goes well. You press the “go live” button and there you are, standing at the door waiting for her to arrive.

All of a sudden you’ve been swept off your feet by the quick results you’re getting, but guess what? There’s more to it. You had a great first month of online advertising and you think you’re done to just leave things as is. False—she always wants more. That’s why you cannot rely on just the first month, but really look into the campaign and see how it can be adjusted in the months ahead. Not sure how to do this? It’s always okay to ask your friends for advice. We’re here for you.

Meet the Family

Good for you! You realized your business is ready to take the next step. The online advertising campaign was fun, but you’re really ready to dive into things. Think about all of the fun adventures you can go on through your relationship with the Internet:

  • New friends – Guess what? Now that you’ve spent time to really think about your business and get deep into what matters most, more people are walking through your door. More people are calling and submitting online forms. It’s a whole new you and a happier you as well.
  • You’re Social – Not only do you have more friends and customers, but you’re actually being social. You’ve invested the time to understand how social media can really drive new and existing business. Almost like the first time you went to the bars and the dating pool got that much bigger.
  • A New You – Now that someone cares about you, you start to care about yourself. Think about what your business is about. What experience do your customers have when they’re working with you? As if you finally realized the “Diet starts on Monday” is a thing of the past. Time to get fit and get results.
  • Love Letters – You never thought you were that kind of person, but now you find yourself blogging almost every day. You’re providing actual value for your customers when they want to see what you’re about. You may think you’re being sensitive, but your online brand is getting that much stronger each and every day.

Get Married

Remember, Internet marketing is an investment. It’s not a Tinder date; it’s the love of your life. It’s time to understand what you need to do to take that next step to get on that first page. We know it can seem scary, but find those friends to support you and just get ready to pop the question. Oh, and we hope we’re invited.

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