Whether you own a retail store, restaurant, or gym, all business owners are faced with the same challenge—how do you get your business to stand out amongst your competitors? You can place a huge emphasis in print ads, TV ads, digital presence, or any other strategy, but at the end of the day all that matters is whether or not you are the business in your target market’s mind when they’re ready to purchase.

3 Internet Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Brand Recognition

With such intense competition, what extra steps do you have to take to get your customers interested and keep them interested? The secret is to connect with their emotional needs—consumers will always purchase from the company they have the biggest emotional connection to. However, building this emotional connection isn’t easy. To remain number one in your customer’s mind, strong brand recognition is essential.

Here are a few secrets to building brand recognition among your target market:

1. Be Consistent

Throughout all your marketing efforts, it is important to have cohesive branding. Keeping your logo, imagery, colors, and font the same across all media allows your customers to see the same imagery each and every time they come into contact with your brand. If your customers consistently see the same imagery, they will be more likely to remember the image.

However, imagery isn’t the only factor that should remain consistent throughout your marketing efforts—you must also maintain the same tone. By keeping your personality the same across all platforms and media, you can control the impression you leave on consumers. Sending out the same message with the same tone to all customers helps control your business’ reputation and the feelings consumers have about your business.

2. Tell a Story

The power of storytelling can go a long way when connecting with consumers. Your consumers want to know you, but more importantly, they want to trust you. By communicating your mission behind your business and why you do what you do, you will connect with your consumers on a personal level. To achieve this, create a genuine and relatable story that helps consumers relate to your brand.

Before consumers feel comfortable buying what you’re offering, they need to accept the person and the story behind the brand. In addition, building the personal connection that pulls at your consumer’s heart-strings will help you remain in their memory.

3. Keep Them Coming Back

There are many factors that influence a consumer’s opinion of a business. However, the most impressionable is definitely their personal experience. All of the great content creation, social posts, branding, or catchy ads won’t keep a customer coming back if they had a bad experience. The most effective way to build brand recognition is by creating an experience that will bring them back.

To achieve this, great customer service is key. In every transaction, you must exceed their expectations and provide some type of value. If you continue to do this repeatedly, your base of loyal consumers will continuously spread. Once you have established a large consumer base, have your loyal customers leave positive reviews! Positive reviews online help convert consumers who haven’t yet committed.

How Brand Management Can Help Your Business Get Found Online

Creating brand recognition is a sum of all your efforts—both in the physical and digital space. By paying close attention to the details in your branding, your story, and consumer’s experiences, you will able to create an emotional connection with the people you want to influence the most.

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