So, you’ve just written an amazing blog. You’ve worked for days, perfecting the voice, tone, and every little detail of your post. You are so excited to share it with your readers that you just slap a boring title on it and hit send.

No matter how amazing your blog is, no one will read it if it has a lackluster title.

5 Foolproof Tips for a Better Blog Title

Creating strong titles for your business blog may seem like a daunting task—especially when writer’s block kicks in. Rather than letting your writer’s block get the best of you, and your blog, follow these 5 simple tips to create a compelling, catchy, and clickable tile.

1. Start with a First Draft

Always start with a first draft, no matter what you are writing. As content marketers, we see multiple drafts a day, and let’s just say, some aren’t so pretty—but you have to start somewhere.

When it comes to blog titles, you should do the same.

Your first draft, or working title, should be a general statement about what the blog is about. Write what you think your blog is about, no matter how dull it may sound. For example, the working title of this blog was, “Drafting Blog Titles”.

Using the next few steps, we took a boring, lifeless title and turned it into a one that attracted you to click on it!

2. Keep Your Title Relevant

Your title should be a blend of accuracy to your content and relevancy to your persona.

Accurate with the Content

Keeping your blog title relevant to the content in your post is crucial to build trust with your readers.

A clear and concise title will act as a short, interesting guide to what your post will say. Your blog title sets expectations for your readers—so don’t let them down.

Relevant to Your Target Persona

It is also important to consider the user experience when drafting your blog title, or simply, what your target persona would click on.

Is your reader a Millennial?

Have some fun with your blog title. Millennials are attracted to more casual language that is entertaining and provokes a reaction. If we were targeting this blog to Millennials, the title could be something like, “5 Tips to Create Kick-Ass Blog Titles That People Will Actually Read”

Is your reader a baby boomer?

Baby boomers tend to look to posts that get right to the point or provide them with a solution. To drive this blog post to baby boomers, play it a little safer with something like, “How to Create A Successful Blog Title”

See the difference?

3. Make it Fun

Having an accurate title doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Sneak a hint of fun into your blog title that will help make it pop. Some effective ways to make your blog title fun can be:

  • Add Alliterations
  • Ask a Question
  • Use Numbered Lists
  • Make a “How To” Guide
  • Use Strong Language
  • Try Negative Phrases
  • Use Superlatives
  • Address the Reader Using “You” or “Your”

Adding fun elements in your blog title is a great way to keep current readers interested and attract new readers to your blog, but don’t go overboard. Being too casual or too pushy in blog titles can come off as overbearing or aggressive—driving readers away.

4. Remember Your Keyword Hot Sauce

As mentioned in a previous post, you should treat your SEO Keywords as if they are hot sauce. Try dabbing a few SEO keywords into your blog title that are relevant to your business or the topic of your post—or both.

This will help Google easily recognize and rank your post for relevant searches.

But remember, too many keywords are seen as keyword stuffing, which Google hates. Try only inserting SEO keywords in your blog title when it makes the most sense.

5. Shorter is Better

Shorter is always better when it come to blog titles. The shorter your title, the faster you can get your point across—and therefore, the faster you can get more readers to your blog.

A good rule of thumb is to keep your titles no longer than 60-80 characters. This will ensure that your entire title is seen in Google search results and that your readers won’t get lost in a sentence-long title.

Don’t Let Your Blog Go Unnoticed

Use these 5 simple tips to create a catchy blog title that will attract readers to your blog and to your brand.

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