Once upon a time, all roads in the Roman Empire led to the capital city, Rome. The empire was dependent upon the city and the city designed it as such. Content marketing is much the same in that no matter what digital service you’re taking part in, its success depends on written word. All digital roads lead to content.

Your Entire Online Brand Depends Upon Content

We all know language is important to marketing any brand online. What you may not realize is that all of your other digital marketing efforts depend heavily on the quality of your content. If you want to succeed in pay-per-click advertising, driving leads through your website, social media, or anything in between, you’ll need the support of quality content.

Content & Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, is one of the fastest and most impactful ways to drive qualified leads to your business. We all want our ads to show up first on a search engine results page. But where your ad shows is dependent upon a number of factors. A quality score is assigned to your ads by Google and a large component of that quality score is landing page experience—the experience one has after clicking through to your website. Google crawls and measures this post-ad-click page for relevance and assigns your quality score accordingly. Think about what is relevant information to someone clicking on that ad. Is the page useful? Original? Transparent? Trustworthy? If the answer is yes to all, your ad is more likely to be shown.

At the end of the day, the content of your landing page has a lot to do with how well your ad ranks, so driving well-written ads to a poorly-written landing page is frankly a waste of money.

Content & Your Website

Many consumers have the misconception that successful website content is simply content that “makes sense.” If you offer the right information amongst a pretty home page, that’s a marketing dream, right? Well, if you’ve ever felt really great about a website experience, you’d better believe more went into the content than just information. The first step in a content strategy is to define your brand identity. That website you really liked was likely consistent in a pre-defined message. The overall message of your website should ring true on every page. You should also have well-defined voice and tone. If your online brand was a person, how would they speak to others? Are they nurturing like a parent or mentor? Are they confident like an authority figure? Content strategists will carefully consider the needs of your target consumer and cater your strategy to them.

Every written word throughout your website should never waver from your brand identity. This creates an agreeable website experience that most consumers will relate to, but which most can never detect.

Content & Social Media

Much like your website, if you want your social media strategy to be effective, the written post content should also be inline with your brand identity. From verbiage to emoticons, if it sounds like a social media specialist at an agency is writing your content, that’s not good. Your social media posts should sound like they’re written by your internal team. If your brand is approachable, silly, and humorous, so should your social content. If your brand is professional, buttoned up, and strong, so should your social content.

The best social media strategy will also lead back to a website that has the same messaging. Think about any time you’ve ever clicked on a link from social media and been confronted with something different than expected. What’s your instinct? To bounce, of course. When your social media content and website content are on the same page, it’s a conversion dream.

In order to have a profitable online brand, you need a well-defined message and quality content coming from all channels. All digital roads lead to content, so take the time to define your brand and work with agency partners so that they know exactly who to embody while crafting your content.


Leigh Maneri
About the Author

Leigh Maneri is Content Marketing Director at OMNI Online Solutions. She directs web, social, blog and Email marketing content strategy for clients, helping them make a great impression to convert visitors into new customers.

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