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Businesses who dabble too often in mixed messaging create holes that are too difficult to climb out of. There are plenty of examples where content produced on specific business websites contradict their practices. Take Microsoft for example. From 2006 to 2014, they were the top console manufacturer around, outselling their competition on a monthly basis. They prided themselves on being the gamer’s console and the place to play all the latest and greatest games with your family and friends. This messaging could be seen on their site, advertisements, and social media. In the months leading up to their highly anticipated release of the Xbox One, many of the same things were promised, but in reality, a large portion of their fanbase was left disappointed.

Microsoft made several decisions about the direction they were moving in that left many of their loyal consumers angry. Their messaging lacked consistency and confused their audience. As a result, their public image took a hit, their sales decreased, and they’re no longer the leading manufacturer in their industry. As a business professional, it’s important to focus on the messages you produce in your content and in your business practices. It can have a profound effect on your success and if you ignore what you stand for, you can create a disconnect between your brand and your audience.

Consistent Messaging

Compelling content and an excellent online presence work hand and hand to enhance the power of your brand. The content you utilize throughout your internet marketing campaign should be consistent on every virtual medium. This means your social media profiles, video and online advertising campaigns, email marketing, and content produced on your site should communicate the same message. This will increase your brand awareness and decrease the confusion experienced by your audience. It will enhance the trust in your company add more power to your brand name.

Build An Image

The most important aspect of any business is building an online presence that accurately represents your company. Your image is everything, and for big businesses, your image can crumble with the smallest mistakes. After Microsoft’s Xbox One debacle, they made more than a few attempts to win back their fans. They reversed every decision they made, changed their messaging in their ads and throughout the content on their site, and eventually produced the console that everyone wanted. Despite the effort they put in, to appeal to their consumers, it was too little, too late. People viewed the shift in a negative light and it destroyed the image they once had.

In the months that followed, their biggest competitor gained a foothold on the market and they were left in the dust. When you increase your company’s visual presence, you want to make sure to build an image that people will love through the compelling content you produce and the messaging you display on every platform. Your web content should supplement the visuals throughout your site and social platforms to create an image that people will know and trust.

Engage your consumers with compelling content that promotes a message your audience can believe in. Microsoft is a large company that can afford to make a few mistakes. Learn a lesson from them and create messaging that is both reliable and compelling.


Sean Mosley, Content Marketing Specialist
About the Author

Sean Mosley is a Content Specialist at OMNI Online Solutions. He uses strategic marketing and SEO techniques to create engaging website content and blogs for clients.

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