So, you’ve decided it’s time to bring your brand online. You’ve nailed down the look and feel of your site, and now you have to fill all that white space with words.

If you are like most, this is when the writer’s block strikes. Before you start breaking out in hives, here’s what you need to ask yourself:

Is my brand professional, formal, or conversational?

One thing is for sure. Your answer should never be formal.

No matter if your business sells toilets or custom Internet marketing solutions, with the perfect mix of a professional voice and a conversational tone, you can appeal to a wide variety of customers.

How can you be both conversational and professional? Where there’s a will there’s a way. Keep reading to learn how to craft inviting and fun content, without losing your professional voice.

Understanding the Difference Between Formal and Professional

    Formal Voice

    As a business owner, one of your biggest fears is having no business. By using lengthy and
    aggressively formal content, you are more likely to push consumers away.

    Formal writing is the most complex style. This style of writing is developed by using long sentences, long paragraphs, and long words—limiting the amount of people that can relate to the subject matter.

    Consumers are looking for easy-to-digest information about your business. By writing in formal language, you can hide your business’s most important attributes without even knowing.

    This can be especially important for businesses in highly technical industries, such as law, finance, or science. As a professional in your industry, it is easy for you to get caught up in your everyday, workplace jargon—but there is no place for jargon in content marketing.

    Professional Voice

    Professional content has elements of formal style writing but with a more relaxed tone. To craft the perfect, professional content, loosen up your language without making it sound sloppy.

    Choosing less complex words, shortening paragraphs, and keeping your thoughts concise can help you create the perfect professional voice.

How a Professional Voice and Conversational Tone Work Together

Complementing your professional voice with a conversational tone can be a match made in content marketing heaven. Using clear and concise language, you can start a two-way conversation with your consumers.

Many confuse conversational with informal.

With informal content, you are disregarding proper grammar and writing principles. This can make your brand look sloppy and unorganized.

Conversational content is completely different.

While your language is more casual, there is no loss of quality. By injecting “we” and “you” into your content, you can directly speak to your consumers, without being face to face.

Without using conversational content, you can come off as speaking at consumers, rather than with them.

Creating a Conversational & Professional Content Marketing Strategy for Your Brand

Very few consumers are going to read every word you put on a page, making it even more important to choose your words wisely. By taking the time to draft a content marketing strategy, you can control your consumer’s first impression of your brand. Injecting a conversational tone, backed with a polished, professional tone can help you connect with your audience on a deeper level, translating in long-term loyalty to your business.


About the Author

Kaleigh Laurino is a Content Specialist at OMNI Online Solutions. Using the latest SEO strategies, she creates engaging website content and blogs for each client’s unique persona.

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