Using Non-Written Elements to Enhance Your Content

Text plays a large role in any effective content marketing strategy; however, text on its own is often boring. In the age of scrolling, people don’t want to stop and read everything. That’s why it’s important to engage your audience by including visual or auditory aspects in your content. Incorporating one or more of creative aspects into your content will give your audience a stimulating way to learn about your brand, products, or services. You’ll also make your content shareable across more platforms.

With so much content shared online, making yours stand out is crucial to getting more shares and ultimately growing your business. Implement these non-written components to compliment your written content. You’ll be going viral before you know it.


Video is a form of content that people engage with differently than text. A short video can easily capture the attention of someone scrolling their Facebook feed. A video also allows you to expand your presence across more social channels like YouTube, Vine, and Instagram. Consider creating a video that accompanies a blog post, shows what your services are, or demonstrates the features of your products. Your videos don’t always have to be shot in the traditional way. You can try animation or stop-motion to really make them unique.

Photo Slideshows

Display your content in a new way by repurposing it into a photo slide show. By using a slideshow, you can guide readers through your message. Your text can be displayed next to or below each photo. Doing so creates a much more interactive experience for your audience to learn about your business.

Real-Time Polls

A fun way to gather data from your audience is to include polls in your content. You can encourage them to click by making the headlines attention grabbing and making the results real-time—meaning that they can see how others voted as well. The minute they select their choice, the poll will show what others have selected, giving them a new perspective on the topic.


No one likes to read a list of statistics or data points; however, designing them into an aesthetically-pleasing infographic makes the content skimmable and fun. Bonus if you create an interactive infographic! These types of visuals often a substantial amount of shared on social media channels because the information is easy to digest and visually appealing. Don’t have design skills? You can use tools like, which offer templates, so you can simply plug in your information.

Sound Bites

A sound bite is a short snippet of audio recording. It often is a compelling quote or something of the like. These small recordings can add a personal component to your written component. You may consider using these if you are building a personal brand. You can include a sound bite from a recent interview or an event you spoke at.


You can create an interactive timeline to take you customers on a journey through virtually anything. Put a creative spin on a launch of a new product, the anniversary of the start of your company, or the sales process by making it visual with a timeline. It’s a quick and easy way for readers to learn a lot about something in a short period of time.


About the Author

Jocelyn Delaney is a Content Specialist at OMNI Online Solutions. She creates engaging website content and blogs for her clients while incorporating the best SEO strategies.

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