Internet marketing for your company is in no way a one person job, especially if you want it to be successful. Rather, it needs to be a collaboration between search engine optimization tactics, attractive and easy to navigate web design, social media outreach, online advertising, and engaging content. When one of those components is lacking, it can hurt the rest of the product.

A Lesson From The NBA Playoffs: Why Your Website Needs Depth At Content To Succeed

The 2016 NBA Playoffs are well underway, but unfortunately not every team’s roster is currently representative of their true potential. In the last few days, some of the NBA’s premier teams have lost their most valuable assets to injury. The Golden State Warriors will be without Stephen Curry (arguably the best player in the world) for two weeks because of a knee sprain. The Los Angeles Clippers lost their two most valuable players, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, for the remainder of the playoffs because of injury, essentially dooming their championship hopes. These teams are so dependent on their key players, and when even one of them goes down, the entire franchise feels the repercussions.

It’s easy to see how a similar ‘team’ comparison can be applied to your company’s website, except in this instance you are completely in control of the depth of your website in every regard. When it comes to content marketing, there are a number of ways you can add depth to your website in order to appeal to and find the largest possible audience.

Expand Your Customer Horizon

When most companies start building out a website, one of the biggest mistakes they make is catering too much to the customers they already have. Of course you want to keep those people happy, but the point of your website is to help reach those potential customers who don’t know you exist yet. Make sure your content is appealing to a variety of customers, and not just the ones who are already loyal to you. This way, when you promote to those new audiences with social media and online advertising, they will feel more compelled to stay on your site and convert.

Long-Form Content

The amount of content you have on certain pages will also impact where you show up on search engine results. For example, if a company wants to rank for a highly searched phrase like “basketball training”, they need to have lengthy, quality content talking about their services to show up on the 1st page. It can’t just be general phrasing and formulaic writing, which is why copywriting is so valuable. Original content has been shown to carry more value than reworked content, so make sure you’re putting in the effort on those pages that you want your customers to see most.

Make A Play For Cities

Another way to reach a wider audience and get found on search engines is by appealing to the various cities you serve. If you have clients or shops in highly populated cities around the country, make sure you have pages that highlight the work you’ve done there, and even include details about those projects. When customers see what work you’ve done in their city, it’s another way to gain their attention.

Keep Your Company Moving Forward With Irresistible Content Marketing

You have the ability to shape the way that every new potential customer sees your business. Engage with them using a wide range of content, and don’t get caught in a situation where you’re playing catch up. When it comes to content, less certainly isn’t more, but finding that perfect balance of deep content, flawless page design, SEO, social media and online advertising will help you bring in more business than you could have anticipated. Make sure you keep your website “bench” stocked and ready for any situation.


Alex Barczak, Content Marketing Specialist
About the Author

Alex Barczak is a Content Specialist at OMNI Online Solutions. He produces distinct and engaging content written for each client’s unique persona while incorporating the latest SEO practices.

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