What is Content?

Content, by definition, is the material which is contained within something else. It is the substance. In the world of Internet marketing, content refers to the text, information, images, videos, and other things which people look for and interact with when visiting a website or surfing the Internet.

What is Good Content?

Content that is considered to be good must be at least one (and usually more) of the following:

  • Original: Original content is fresh and unique. It contains new ideas and/or information not previously published somewhere else. If you’re publishing information directly from another source like Wikipedia, why publish it at all?
  • Useful: Content is considered useful if it provides the user with the information he or she is looking for or if it helps them to perform a task. All content on your site should be there to serve a purpose.
  • Interesting: Even if it’s not particularly useful, content can still be good if it’s interesting to the target audience. Much of the content we consume online in the form of leisure reading or YouTube videos doesn’t give us useful information but is entertaining.

Why is Having Good Content Important?

Remember, content is the substance that is found within something.  Most of us don’t purchase a carton of milk because we love the design of the carton and think it would make a great addition to our refrigerator. We buy the carton of milk for what is contained inside. Similarly, people visiting your site are doing so for the content. Good content that is published regularly will do 4 things to help your marketing efforts:

  • It gets you found: Search engines have become very good at determining what content is most relevant to a user’s search, and search engines love nothing more than quality content. Publishing quality content is the best way to ensure your website comes up on the first page of search results related to your topic.
  • It gets shared: People love sharing almost as much as they love good content. With social media, it is easy for people to share websites, blog posts, articles, pictures, and videos with their friends.
  • It gets you recognized: Publishing great content is a great way to establish yourself or your company within a certain field or industry. This is great for brand recognition.
  • It converts: Most importantly, good content will leave users wanting more of what you offer and oftentimes this means they will be more willing to subscribe to your monthly newsletter, explore your site, and, ultimately, wanting to buy whatever product or service you’re selling.

Using Quality Content to Market Your Business Online

Creating quality content isn’t easy. If it were, everyone would be doing it. However, investing the time, effort, and creativity to create and publish quality content is worthwhile. Whatever field or industry you work in, creating informative, useful, and engaging content can go a long way toward boosting your online presence and increasing your business.


Darrin Moret, Content Specialist
About the Author

Darrin is a Content Specialist at OMNI who enjoys sipping ginger beer and bodysurfing.

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