Video Game Skills to Improve Content Marketing

Playing video games is a past time that you can use to relax and escape into another world. It is also an entertainment medium that passively generates beneficial skills in every player. Whether you play a few mobile puzzle games here and there or you’re a diehard gamer who plays a wide variety of games across different genres, there’s no doubt that over the course of time, you have developed a set of skills that you never realized you attained from playing games. These skills may appear in your day to day activities and if you use them wisely, you can implement them in your professional life to reap the rewards.

3 Video Game Skills You Can Use to Improve Content Marketing

Creating a content strategy is a game in itself. First you need to make content that you believe will convert, analyze how well it converts users on your site and where they drop out, then rethink your strategy based on your findings. Creating content that converts requires thinking outside the box and a fresh perspective that can be found in gaming.

1. Attention to Detail

In most games, there are times when you have to solve a puzzle or find an item to reach a different section of a level. Navigating difficult puzzles or finding clues requires a razor-sharp attention to detail. You’ll find yourself stuck on the level forever or use a few cheat codes. In content marketing, there are no cheat codes. There will be times when you must pay attention to every detail in the text you produce. Make sure that you link the correct webpages with their corresponding keywords, have a general understanding of what you’re writing about, and produce content with very little to no errors. If you don’t find a way to solve your own marketing puzzle, you’ll be stuck wondering why you’re not converting.

2. Strategic Planning and Forward Thinking

Puzzle and strategy games are among the most popular types of video games. Whether you’re a casual or hardcore player, anyone can appreciate a style of gameplay that stimulates forward thinking and strategy. They teach us how to plan ahead and how to strategically analyze any given situation to reach a solution. When you’re developing a content strategy, make sure you effectively plan it out to capture your target audience and think about expanding to audiences you have yet to reach down the line.

3. Patience and the Ability to Persevere

Sometimes gaming requires players to grind, a repetitive activity that’s performed often, in order to progress or reach some sort of reward. Whether you’re a content writer, a website design specialist, or any of the other marketing professions, you must practice your craft daily in order to perfect it. Grinding through the day, doing what you do best will enhance your skills and level up your progress.

Creative Problem Solving in Content Marketing

Video game players encounter a number of different obstacles along their journeys. They come in the form of seemingly impenetrable walls, traps, puzzles, and massive boss battles that will test everything you have learned. You must be aware of all of your resources, use all the skills you learned along the way, and develop a strategy that will allow you to take down whatever obstacle comes your way. The skills you learn while overcoming a few obstacles will help you when you’re taking on a content marketing strategy.


Sean Mosley, Content Marketing Specialist
About the Author

Sean Mosley is a Content Specialist at OMNI Online Solutions. He uses strategic marketing and SEO techniques to create engaging website content and blogs for clients.

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