“Just do it.”
“You’re in good hands.”
“Eat fresh.”
“The happiest place on earth.”
“What happens here, stays here.”
“15 minutes can save you 15 percent or more on car insurance.”

The Power of a Slogan in Content Marketing

What do all of the above slogans have in common? They’re instantly recognizable. While these statements may have once had no meaning, they’ve each come to represent a well-known brand. Even when removed from the brand’s name or logo, you know right away whether we’re referring to a fast food brand, an insurance company, or a destination.

That, alone, is the testament of a good slogan. The beauty of a slogan is that it can be used online, in print, on television, on the radio, or even just spoken—and it will still have the same effect. Whether you’re a brand-new business or you’ve been around for a while, you should absolutely include a slogan in your content marketing strategy. A good slogan can help you stand out from your competition and increase your brand awareness.

What Your Slogan Should Accomplish

A good slogan should make you recognizable. It should effectively define what your brand does and why someone should buy your product or service. It should tell the world what separates you from the rest.

Take OMNI’s slogan, for example:
Get found. Make an impression. Do more business.

In three short statements, we’ve told you:

1. What we do (We help you get found and make an impression)
2. Why you’d want to partner with us (To do more business)

You’ll find this slogan throughout our entire content marketing strategy. Whether it’s our website, our social media profiles, or even printed documents, we’re strengthening our brand identity and making our slogan recognizable.

How to Create Your Brand’s Slogan

Do you think “Just Do It” was the first slogan someone at Nike came up with? Or that a brand as powerful as Disneyland didn’t entertain other ideas before choosing “The Happiest Place on Earth” as their slogan? Not likely.

When a couple of words or sentences are supposed to define your entire brand, it’s going to take some time. Don’t expect to strike gold on your first try. No one does.

Here are some steps you can take to create the most impactful slogan for your brand:

Define Your Brand’s Identity

Whether we’re talking about website design, social media marketing, or content marketing, this is always the first step. Define your brand’s personality—whether it be playful or serious; old or young; evergreen or constantly evolving—before moving forward. Then, get your creative juices flowing.

Keep it Simple, Stupid (KISS)  

No, we’re not calling you stupid! Originally a design principle, this acronym can absolutely apply to your content marketing strategy. When you’re creating a brand slogan, simplicity is your best friend. Stay away from industry jargon, “ten-dollar words”, or anything that would require an explanation.

Forget About SEO

Yes, that’s right. We’re giving you permission to abandon SEO best practices when creating your slogan. While SEO and content usually go hand in hand, SEO doesn’t belong in your slogan. The point of a slogan is not to get your brand found, but rather to help you make an impression on consumers.

Incorporate Emotion

In the marketing world, emotion can be an extremely powerful tool. Whether it’s humor, nostalgia, passion, or another emotion, your consumers are more likely to respond to a slogan that evokes some type of emotion.

Get Feedback

Think you’ve created the perfect slogan? Try saying it out loud to make sure it’s readable and makes sense. Then, ask a trusted colleague or two for their opinion. Collaboration and brainstorming can be very helpful in the slogan-creating process.

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