editting a photo Email marketing is an incredibly impactful service because it’s guaranteed to reach those who care about your business. Whether you’re looking to drive conversion, create brand advocates, increase customer retention, or all the above, you should include the following in your email marketing campaigns.

1. Blogs

The blogs on your website should be directly geared toward your ideal target audience. Therefore, your campaigns should be perfectly suited for your email subscribers. Delivering valuable informational blogs to your subscribers will drive traffic to your website and earn your reputation as an industry expert. In fact, while writing blogs, we often use the email subject line test. Ask yourself, “If this headline were the subject line of an email campaign to our target audience, would they open the email?”

2. Your Work

Many of the subscribers on your email list signed up because they want to see the work you do! If you’re in an industry that has a high focus on esthetics, sharing the work that you do is absolutely essential. Any sort of “before and after” feature tends to do very well in terms of open and click rates.

3. Promotions

Do you have a specific promotion going on in the upcoming weeks or month? Plan ahead with your agency partners and let them know what’s coming up so that you can give your email subscribers plenty of time to plan. You may even wish to send a follow up campaign last-minute with an urgent notice of this last-chance opportunity.

4. Timely News

Any news that affects your industry is a great option for email campaigns. If your target audience could benefit by learning this news now, send out a campaign. They’ll be thankful that you shared the information and continue to see you as a valuable resource. Your best option is to write a blog about the news and link to it from the campaign. This will not only drive traffic to other portions of your website, but also get subscribers re-invested in your brand.

5. Social Buttons

Always include clickable social media buttons to your most important profiles at the base of each campaign. This will let your subscribers know that those profiles exist and also drive traffic and engagement.

6. Testimonials

If you have glowing testimonials on a reputation website (such as Yelp) or even given to you in a handwritten note, your email campaigns are the perfect place to showcase these reviews. While this should never be the main focus of your campaign, it works great as supplementary content. Sharing your positive reviews has the ability to impact customer retention, drive new visitors to your website, and draw attention to your reputation profiles. This will also increase the rate of new reviews on your profile.

Test out all the above. Measure your open and click rates to determine what your email subscribers respond most to. Cater that information to develop campaigns moving forward. Testing and experimenting is the best way to improve campaigns and grow your email list over time.


Leigh Maneri
About the Author

Leigh Maneri is Content Marketing Director at OMNI Online Solutions. She directs web, social, blog and Email marketing content strategy for clients, helping them make a great impression to convert visitors into new customers.

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