The first requisite to effective email marketing is, of course, a list of subscribers. Email service providers have grown more and more strict about the authenticity of the subscribers on your list. Many require proof of express permission to be added vs. implied permission. For this reason, it’s more important than ever that you actively promote and entice new authentic subscribers to your campaigns.

Whether you’re starting from zero or just need to refresh your list with new, engaged subscribers, here are five ideas to spark growth in your email list.

1. Promote Your List on Social Media

If you’re designing email campaigns via an email marketing software program, you’ll undoubtedly have a link to a form that feeds directly into your list of subscribers. Create a simple graphic and write a post that describes the value of signing up for your list. Remember the length of this post may differ per social network restrictions. Tell your ideal customer what they can expect and how your campaigns will add value to their day to day lives. Add the form link to your post and voilé! Boosting this post with paid advertising on Facebook or Twitter will increase the exposure of this post by the hundreds, even thousands, and will be well worth the dollars spent.

2. Use Your Email Signature

Ask your online marketing partners to show you how to add links and buttons to your email signature. It’s simple! All email providers allow a signature to automatically populate at the bottom of each of your emails. This traditionally includes your name, contact information, company logo, or even social buttons. It’s also a great opportunity to promote your email marketing campaigns. Include a “subscribe to our newsletter” link to your form!

3. Send An Opt-In Email to General Contacts

Not all of your email contacts will want to receive your campaigns, but we’re willing to bet some of them do! Gather a group of your contacts into a “recent communication” category. Most email providers will allow you to download contact group lists as a .csv. The simplest way to send a bulk subscribe invitation to your email contacts is to use mail merge. Paste the emails and any other pertinent information about the contacts into a Google sheet and use the mail merge add on to send email invitations to join your list. Allowing your contacts to choose to subscribe rather than adding them outright will result in a healthy, engaged list of subscribers.

4. Just Ask

Do you have a check out counter or receptionist? Are you participating in regular trade shows or events? Always have an iPad or laptop on hand with your subscribe form and allow people to sign up directly on your email list subscribe form. Remember, providing a subscribe form that’s already linked to your email marketing software is a much smarter route than pen to paper. The subscriber will be giving your software program their express permission to be added instead of their implied permission, guaranteeing no proof necessary if your list ever comes into question.

5. Segment Your List

Segmenting your list will allow you to cater the content in each campaign toward the interests of those on that specific segment. This will lead to more valuable information reaching the people who are likely to be affected by it and, therefore, will result in a more satisfied self-promoting list of subscribers. If subscribers find ultimate value in what you’re providing on a regular basis, they’ll pass it on!

Remember, the ultimate way to keep and grow a healthy subscriber list is to provide valuable content in your current campaigns! Professional campaigns united with these simple tactics will keep your email list on the up and up.


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