There’s been a rumor going around that email marketing isn’t as effective as it used to be. The truth is, the process has become more difficult as email service providers hinder commercial users to lessen spam. BUT that doesn’t make it any less effective. If you’re doing it right, this digital marketing tactic is one of the most effective forms of promoting your business. After all, people check email more than any other platform.

So, what is “doing it right” in regard to your email campaigns? How do we get recipients to open your emails?

From Line

When you receive emails in your inbox, you see the name of the person who sent it. Some people don’t like receiving promotional emails and may assume that an email sent from the name of a business contains promotional content. When choosing your “from” line, you should consider the relationship you have with your customers and other members of your email list. If they are familiar with your name, use it as the from line. Your open rates may be much higher based on the assumption that the content within the email will be more personal.

From Email

As a customer-oriented business, your emails should appear to be coming from the account of a real person, even if they’re sent from an email marketing platform. This aids in making the entire process more personable. This email will also be the “reply to” address. Ask yourself- If one of your recipients responds to a campaign, who should be on the other end? Have your campaigns sent from the email of an employee in a client-facing role so they can provide answers fast and convert a new customer or make a sale. It’s also a great idea to utilize the email addresses that end in the URL of your business. Like This will provide a professional face to your emails, giving you credibility.

Make Yourself Useful

Our goals with your email campaigns are, first and foremost, to provide value to the lives of those on your email list. Are you running a promotion that will be of use them? Did you post a recent blog with industry tips and tricks? These are the main aspects of your brand we want to promote through content marketing, especially by use of a more invasive form like email. Open rates will always be higher knowing that your emails have useful information that benefits the reader.

Subject Line

Your subject line should describe the main content area of your email in a short, captivating way that makes the reader want to know more. This will result in the recipient opening the email. You should also include value words to describe the benefit of clicking into the email. Value words could include:

  • Savings
  • Explore
  • Discover
  • Learn
  • Proven
  • Guaranteed


Subject lines with numbers have also been proven to result in more opens. A subject line like “3 Ways to Makeover Your Garden” indicates that the content in the email has a fast, skimmable beginning and end. Readers will be more willing to make time for skimmable content in their busy lives.

Speak Directly

Using the first person voice in your regular campaigns will personalize your emails and make your recipients more likely to open them. Write your emails the way you would speak to a friend to strengthen the relationship between you and the email recipient.

Email marketing increases brand awareness, retains current customers, and drives constant traffic back to your website. Following these guidelines will ensure your emails are opened, so the content within can work its magic!


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