While many Negative Nancys have been predicting the demise of email for years, this reliable channel is still at the forefront of strong Internet marketing strategies. Email marketing is alive and well and your business could benefit from it.

3 Reasons to Include Email in Your Internet Marketing Strategy

If you’re wondering why more and more brands are sending emails, there’s a simple answer to the question: it works. While investments in the newer channels like social media marketing and online advertising are necessary, you should think twice before shifting your marketing budget away from email. Email is one of the single most effective marketing tools that businesses can use to continually get their name in front of their customers. No matter if you’re selling a product or service or running a non-profit business, brand awareness is key and email marketing is an important channel for you to consider. How come? Email is consistent, targeted, effective and used by over half of the world’s population.

Here are the top 3 reasons you should add email marketing to your Internet marketing bundle:

1. Guaranteed Reach

The way you choose to communicate with your customers can dramatically affect your bottom line. Email marketing is an incredibly effective form of communication that happens to be cost-effective. Despite whether the email is opened or clicked, your business name still pops up in the inbox of consumers. Plus, 91% of consumers check their email at least once per day on their smartphone— so the visibility potential is huge!

2. Email Marketing Feeds Your Other Marketing Initiatives

Email marketing isn’t just about email marketing anymore. It is a gateway to your most important information. It simultaneously ties all of your other marketing campaigns together. You can lead your customers to your social media networks and drive up your following numbers. You can draw people to your blog by offering quick snippets of valuable, engaging content. You can make important product announcements or offer exclusive promotions! You can also use other marketing channels to invite people to opt in to your email blasts!

3. Measurable Results

Email marketing software, like MailChimp, makes it easy for you to objectively measure your results. After you send a blast, you’ll be able to track the number of opens, clicks, unsubscribes and more. By monitoring your delivery rates, open rates and the total number of click-throughs your campaign receives, you’ll be able to objectively conclude whether your email marketing budget is enabling a profitable return. If not, you can always make adjustments to your strategy. If it is, you can throw more fuel on the fire and proceed with an even heftier budget.

Why You Can’t Ignore Mobile

Smartphones have changed the way we communicate. Optimizing your email marketing campaigns for mobile is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity. According to Movable Ink’s Q2 2015 US Consumer Device Preference Report, 68% of emails were opened on a mobile device. If that statistic alone isn’t evidence enough that your email marketing campaigns must be designed with mobile in mind—we don’t know what is. Make sure fonts are readable, CTAs are tappable, and file sizes are kept on the low side so it doesn’t take a prohibitive amount of time to load.

Getting Started With Email Marketing

The debate is over—email marketing is cost-effective, measurable, adaptable, and very much alive and well. Get ready to compete for inbox attention and utilize a digital marketing company to help you craft engaging and click-worthy email marketing campaigns. Lastly, get excited to see results—harnessing the full power of the inbox will have a real world impact on your business.

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