Avoid These 3 Internet Marketing Mistakes in 2016

Don’t know what your company’s New Year’s resolution is? Well, we know what it’s not. Here are the top three Internet marketing mistakes you should avoid in the new year.

1. Inconsistency in Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Companies make this mistake much more than you might think.

Have you ever opened an email campaign and the link you clicked on was for a great product that was no longer available? Can you imagine receiving a promotional coupon code for an item and when you go to enter it in, it doesn’t work? Would you trust that brand for future purchases? We guarantee you wouldn’t.

As an active business owner, it can be really difficult to regularly walk through the customer journey in every single aspect of your online brand. It is extremely important to spot errors before the customer sees them in order to avoid confusion and prevent deterring them from your brand altogether.

With the help of a digital marketing company, your online marketing strategy will always keep the customer journey seamless while allowing them to develop trust in your brand.

2. Making Promises You Can’t Keep

While a promising slogan may help you bring in new customers, it will mean nothing if you can’t deliver on your promise.

For example, RadioShack came out with a tagline in 2014 that stated, “You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.” Apparently, customers did not get the answers they were looking for because their customer rating dropped to a sad 1.4 out of 5.

Due to a poorly thought out catch phrase and a lack of good customer service, they lost a huge chunk of their following. Seems like such a silly mistake right? It’s not. Don’t let it happen to you.

The moral of the story is—only make promises you intend to keep. Not only will you maintain a great reputation, but you will continue to improve your customer’s satisfaction.

3. Being Too Aggressive

No matter the size of your business, there is always a chance your marketing strategy can come on a little too strong. It is important to consider that you may have more than one client persona and that all of your customers may not want to be delivered the same message.

To paint a clearer picture for you, let’s imagine you own an insurance company, ABC Insurance. You have two clearly defined products: business insurance and homeowners insurance. You’re having a promotion for business insurance and want to send out an email marketing campaign to let all of your potential clients know. As someone who just bought a home, would you want to receive an email about making sure your business is insured? Can you imagine how that could turn off your recipients from opening future emails?

It’s important to make sure you are personalizing your marketing efforts to each type of person that’s looking for your services. With the help of your online marketing team, every aspect of your marketing strategy will effectively convert your potential customers into clients.

Gearing Up Your Internet Marketing Strategy For the New Year

Now that you know what not to do, it’s time to focus on the positive. Remember these three mistakes in the new year and be sure to keep up with the latest trends in Internet marketing to ensure success for your online brand.

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