You may be asking yourself, “Don’t kids just play and be carefree all day? How could children possibly help my online marketing strategy?”

Back to Basics: 4 Internet Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Your Kids

It may sound crazy, but you may be surprised to learn that children can teach us some timeless lessons. Here are the top 4 ways children can help your Internet marketing strategy.

1. Feed According to Taste

When a child decides they are ready to eat, they will not stop letting you know that they are hungry until they are fed. As a standard, we will feed our children what we think will be best for them. In most cases, this is a well-rounded meal full of nutrients to help them grow. Well, what happens when the child pushes the plate away and starts crying? The more you force it, the less they will comply. So, what’s the solution? Modification.

In terms of Internet marketing, let’s think of your potential customer as a hungry child. What will you feed them to fit their needs, but also keep them happy? There is only one way to find out. Get to know them! Adjust your strategy according to your persona’s needs and you’ll be on the right track.

2. If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again

When a baby first starts trying to sit up or crawl, they definitely don’t succeed the first or second time. They keep trying. They don’t give up. It may seem like a small battle from an adult’s eyes, but this perseverance is key to success in any situation!

As a business owner, it is important for you to adopt this same attitude when it comes to online marketing. One swing with an ax never took down an entire tree. Your customers won’t come flooding in after one email marketing campaign. Try, try again.

3. Emotions Take Precedence Over Logic

Whether it’s a bump on the head, a toy not being shared, or a sibling argument, children will cry about the silliest things. Regardless of the reason behind the tears, it’s our natural reaction to try and fix the problem and make them smile. While rationale is an important lesson to learn, emotional connection is what provides them with the comfort they need.

In the same way we connect with our kids, we must connect with our potential clients on an emotional level. The power of emotions in marketing is huge and wearing your heart on your sleeve will help your business develop customer loyalty.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Make New Friends

Kids have no fear when it comes to stepping outside of their comfort zone. They have a genuine eagerness to play with other children. They hang out together, play together, and even fight to defend each other. Even at such a young age, children understand that they need others to succeed.

Just like children, your business needs people to reach its full potential. It’s impossible to grow a business all by yourself. Utilize your community, get on social media, and build relationships to help increase your brand recognition.

How Children Can Help Your Internet Marketing Strategy

As you can see, we can learn a lot from our children. Ultimately, being accommodating, persistent, emotionally connected, and fearless are not just the keys to great Internet marketing—but to business in general.

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