As a business owner, you simply can’t do Internet marketing alone. With so many moving parts that require immense attention and strategy planning, you’ll need a highly-skilled team of people to make it happen. Below are 9 key people you should always have by your side to make sure your Internet marketing efforts bring success to your business.

Brand Specialist

First off, you need someone completely in tune with your overall brand and company vision. What is your mission statement? What makes your business stand out from the rest? Who is your typical customer? What products and services do you provide? Your brand specialist should be able to answer these questions and more. By having someone dedicated to perfecting and communicating your business’ persona and sales process, it provides a cohesive foundation for the rest of your internet marketing strategies.

SEO Specialist

Google search algorithms, keyword phrases, online profiles, and more. Search Engine Optimization is an ever-changing part of internet marketing, and you’ll need someone dedicated to keeping you ahead of the game. They’ll have the ability to research your industry, analyze data, and make calculated decisions on how to best optimize your business.

Content Specialist

Whether you have a blog, a new page to create for your website, or really, anything that involves writing, you’ll need a content specialist to do that job for you. Their skill with honing in on your brand’s voice and their ability in knowing what grabs people’s attention will help generate great conversion rates (and happy readers!).

Social Media Specialist

On average, people spend almost 2 hours a day on social media. Whether you’re checking out someone’s Facebook profile, retweeting a witty line, or connecting with someone on LinkedIn, more and more time is being spent on online interactions. Keeping up with the latest trends, hashtags, and profile changes can be overwhelming. Having a social media specialist will alleviate those tasks. They’ll help you build a following that fosters engagement that ultimately drives more traffic to your business!

Reputation Specialist

From positive reviews about your business to negative reviews, they all need to be responded to. These are customers who have taken the time to engage with your brand, and having a Reputation Specialist allows your business to address their feedback and concerns in a professional and thoughtful manner.

Website Designer

Every business needs a website. But you need to stand out from the rest. Your website design is that chance to make a huge impact and lasting impression on a potential customer. Having a website designer who knows color palettes, photo placement, image editing, and website layouts like the back of her hand is essential to properly showcasing your brand.

Website Developer

Ever heard of HTML? CSS? PHP? JavaScript? Think of these as different foreign languages that you need to know to get your website up and running. And these aren’t even all the languages. By having a web developer who is “fluent”, they can make sure your code is always up-to-date, SEO-friendly, and portrays the website designer’s vision. They’ll also monitor website security so you can gain peace of mind, knowing you’ll never having to lay a finger on your website!

Online Advertising Specialist

Paid advertising isn’t just for billboards, newspapers, TV, and radio anymore. Popular online platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp now all offer ways to get your business shown on their websites through paid ads. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as a click of a button. Having an online advertising specialist who can monitor performance, adjust target ad campaigns, and increase click-through-rates is essential to making sure your advertising budget is being used the right way.

Analytics Specialist

How can you tell if your Internet marketing efforts are actually working? It’s all in the data. Your analytics specialist should know how many people are visiting your website, how much time they are spending, how many followers you gained on social media, how your email marketing campaigns have driven traffic to your website, and much much more! They’ll also ensure data integrity, regular reporting, and increased tracking whenever appropriate. This is important in making sure that changes to your Internet marketing strategies are all backed by data.

Remember, you don’t have to (and shouldn’t have to) dive into Internet marketing alone! Surrounding you and your business with the right team of people will easily help get you on the right path to executing successful growth strategies.

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