In the Internet marketing industry, we often find that our clients confuse the roles of the individuals that create and manage their website.

A site needs to be responsive, coded properly, and have well written content. It needs to convert and have keywords, along with being designed in a way that a customer wants to stay long enough to share their information with you. This is something that more than just your website designer and developer work on.

There’s more than you would think when it comes to building a website. You may think that just one person is behind your site, but in reality, it takes a village of powerful Internet marketers.

Understanding the Team of Internet Marketers Behind Your Website

When it comes to a website, there are many different parts working in order to make a site fully functional. Your website designer and developer are two different part of the puzzle that work together to create a seamless online presence that is responsive on all platforms.

A website is not just a website any more. They are replacing department stores, educational services, accounting jobs, bill paying, banking, and so much more.  

So who’s working on your site?

1. Search Engine Optimization Specialist

First things first, you need one of these. This ensures that your website will have keywords and search terms that your company wants to focus on in order to not only get you more business, but the right business.

2. Content Specialist

This is the start of your creative genius. A website can look great and function great but if the words on the page don’t reach your target market or reflect what you are trying to get a visitor to understand, you are not going to convert and therefore lose business.

3. Designer

Now that we have nailed down the right search terms and content, the trick is making someone want to read it without them realizing it. The Designer makes everything come together visually to make a visitor convert into a customer and lead them through the site to the information you want them to be reading.

4. Web Developer

Of course none of this would exist in reality without these guys. Your Developer is what brings everything together in a Fully functional, Search Engine Optimized, Responsive Website. Everything before this is great, but doesn’t really matter if it’s never implemented.

5. Brand Specialist

Last but not least are these wonderful people. A majority of the team is not capable of communicating (lack of communication skills) what they do for a client’s website to make it work. They are all called specialist for a reason; however, your brand specialist is meant to do just that. They make everything your team does make sense to you on your terms. Even more important, they make sure that your brand and requests are fulfilled through your team in order to provide you with a finished product that you are happy with.

Each individual part that goes into making a site is its own specialty. With the combination of these powerful Internet marketing specialists, your business will get the best results.

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