Marketing Lessons We Can Learn from the Kardashians

The haters can say what they want about the Kardashians, but Kris Jenner has managed to have six wildly famous and incredibly wealthy children.

Even those who aren’t fans of this Calabasas family cannot deny the success they have had in creating careers and publicity for themselves. So how did they do it? Marketing.

The Kardashian family has utilized both digital marketing and other direct marketing strategies to maintain their popularity and ubiquitous presence in the media.


Each Kardashian has a website with trendy tidbits such as outfit tips, photos, blogs, and videos. In 2016, it’s more important than ever to have a website, and the Kardashians have definitely made sure to stay ahead of the game in that aspect of their online brand.

Business owners, politicians, and celebrities alike all need websites to establish their online presence and to continue to make an impression.


Each of the Kardashian sisters has her own app. These apps feature photos, videos, tutorials, podcasts, games and more. With more users than ever choosing to use mobile devices over desktop computers, the Kardashians have also moved forward into the age of mobile apps. These apps are free to download and then have a $2.99 monthly subscription fee.


In December when Kim’s Kimoji app launched, the Apple App Store almost crashed. Her emoji app is currently the highest grossing entertainment app in the Apple App Store. It reached about 9,000 downloads per second on its first day.

As Kanye brags on his new album, they made “a million a minute.” Emojis and emoji keyboard are incredibly popular right now, and so Kim stayed up to date on current tech trends and created her own provocative emojis.

Staying Relevant in the Media

The Kardashians have always been great at keeping up with current trends. For example, during this year’s New York Fashion Week of February 2016, all anyone could talk about was the Kardashians. Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Kylie Jenner made sure they were all the center of attention at fashion week.

The whole family came out to support Kanye West’s new clothing line, Yeezy Season 3, and they even modeled for his runway show. New York Fashion Week is a huge event, bringing in attendance at approximately 125,000 people. The Kardashian’s wisely seized the opportunity to make sure they were involved at this popular event.

The whole family stays relevant in the media with consistent interviews, talk shows, radio shows, podcasts, tell alls, photo shoots, magazine covers, and appearances. Kendall Jenner even walked in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show this year when the event was prevalent in the news. Whatever events and trends are currently in the media, the Kardashians will certainly be there.


The sold out Kylie Jenner lip kit flew off the shelves in a matter of minutes both times that the kits were for sale on her website.

Kylie Jenner has been criticized by the media for having lip injections, yet she took that criticism and made a brand out of it. Her expert branding team took advantage of the criticism and used it to create something positive for her.

With careful marketing, she made people want to be just like her and crave her plumped up lips. People couldn’t get their hands on her makeup products fast enough.

She followed the rules of marketing basics: creating a demand for her product.

Using social media, she stirred up a whirlwind of desire for her new cosmetic line, which led to her ECommerce success.

The other Kardashians have dabbled in clothing stores, sock lines, beauty products, and many more business ventures.

Packaging and Graphic Design

To further emphasize the pop culture sensation that she created with her cosmetics line, Kylie Jenner made sure to have a team of experienced designers create the website, logo, and imagery for the lipstick brand.

Her website and the packaging on her products features an artistic, vibrant set of plump and shiny lips, oozing color and dripping in gold.

The entire design is collectively high fashion, provocative, and incredibly trendy. The shiny designs and sultry vibes are also present throughout all social media accounts for Kylie Cosmetics.

Strategic Business Partnerships

Their marketing expertise can even be seen carried over into their relationships.

The members of the Kardashian family have carefully chosen other matches that are also relevant in pop culture – such as singers, rappers, and athletes. These seem to be strategic business partnerships in addition to romance. By dating other relevant and famous people, the Kardashians have been able to increase their own fame even more.

Current and past Kardashian flings include French Montana, Harry Styles, Kanye West, Kris Humphries, Lamar Odom, James Harden, Reggie Bush, Tyga, and Blac Chyna. Kris Jenner’s long term marriages to Robert Kardashian and Bruce Jenner also ultimately lead to elevated fame and wealth for her.

Surrounding themselves with other well known individuals strategically increases their own fame and presence in the media. These strategic marital partnerships attract more attention for their family, and it can definitely be said that none of the Kardashian family has dated someone with less fame or wealth.

Internet Marketing and Direct Marketing Expertise from the Kardashians

Hate them or love them, there’s no denying the popularity of the Kardashian empire.

By employing marketing tactics both in the real world and the realm of Internet marketing, the Kardashians and Jenners have become one of the media’s most frequent topics of discussion.

They have used marketing to bolster their careers, stay relevant, and to make vast amounts of money.

Whether it’s a radio show, an app, a new clothing line, or another new product, the Kardashians are always coming out with something new innovate their brand further.

Something we can all learn from the Kardashian’s persistent marketing is to keep up with current trends, embrace social media, and to flourish in the digital age.

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