As a business owner, you can remember the days when the sales process looked like this:

  • A customer comes in
  • They purchase your product or service
  • The customer comes back when they need that product or service again

If you were ahead of the game and wanted to build relationships with consumers, you’d have to send flyers by mail, pay for an ad in some sort of print material—hoping they’d read it, or maybe even go around knocking on doors in the neighborhood.

Nowadays, there’s plenty of competition. More and more consumers are trying new businesses for the same thing you had once provided them with.

4 Ways to Use Internet Marketing to Stay in Front of Your Customers

Well, we all know the game has changed—so what to do now? How do you get ahead of the game? It’s all right here.

1. Email Marketing

I’m sure you’re thinking, “Oh please, ‘cause everyone really wants another email?”. You’re right, people don’t want junk, so that’s why you need to provide value each and every time. Give your customers a reason to open that email by including valuable information in your email campaigns.

If you’re a service based business—give them a few bucks off their next service with them. Maybe you provide a monthly management of some sort—provide some incentive for consumers to sign up with one month free.

You can do it all in an effective way and not just ‘another email’.

2. Social Media Management

According to Digital Marketing Ramblings (DMR), in November of 2015, there were a whopping 1.55 billion people on Facebook.

That’s just Facebook we’re talking about. Bringing it back to reality, Facebook’s algorithm makes it so you cannot reach every single follower of yours, but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying. Beef up your social media strategy by posting more valuable information, such as:

  • Create loyalty with consumers by posting industry expertise
  • Give them an insight to your business that others cannot see without following you, with posts like employee spotlights, specials, behind the scenes features, progress updates, etc.
  • Remind consumers how you can help them by highlighting your services

Posting on social media a few times a week puts you on your consumers’ radar and provides a chance for them to remember you the next time they need your service. Better yet, maybe your post will remind them they need to come back!

3. Online Advertising

Two words—it works. We’ve seen it with many clients and have the analytics to prove it.

Today there are many types of advertising with Google AdWords, display ads, social advertising and more. Instagram even just launched a new online advertising program, which allows you to use the same platform as Facebook.

We know it may seem easy, but there are plenty of reasons you should hire a pro as well. With advertising you’re able to constantly stay right in the eyes of your customers. You can do this by running ads that:

  • Target followers or even friends of followers
  • Target a specific demographic
  • Target a specific location, community, zip code, city, etc.

Imagine walking around and following your customers from store to store and reminding them of your business. Well, you can do that in a less creepy way with online advertising and remarketing. Trust us, it’s legal.

4. Kickass Website

What would the first three steps mean without a place to bring your customers online? You wouldn’t keep your office or store outdated, so why do that to your online brand?

It’s vital to keep your website updated and looking great all of the time. You have put so much time and effort into your online advertising and social media strategies, but you can’t forget to keep your website just as fresh. Here’s just a few things you can promote on your website:

  • About Us – Tell your customers where you came from, who your employees are, what sets you apart from your competitors
  • Specials – Give them an incentive for visiting your website or for being a returning customer, just like your email campaign
  • Services/Products – Your consumers should instantly know what you do, but give them an opportunity to learn more about the details of your products or services

Let’s remember that although your business can look the prettiest, it needs a proper backbone with search engine optimization (SEO) to kickass. If people are searching for a business in your industry, you need to show up on search engines.

How These 4 Internet Marketing Principles Can Help You Build a Clientele

As a business owner, you strive to get more customers to choose your business, but that’s only half the battle. Don’t let your customers be a one hit wonder. Create a relationship with them that will bring them back time and time again. Stay in front of your consumers in a professional and effective way by utilizing these four Internet marketing strategies. Don’t be a creep, just be smart!

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