Internet Marketing Trends in 2016

The Internet is constantly evolving and becoming more and more sophisticated. To the casual user, it is almost impossible to keep up with the continuous updates. However, for those of us in the digital marketing industry, these changes keep our job progressing and transforming. As we move into the new year, what trends should you expect to emerge online? How should you position your business to stay on top of these trends?

Below is a breakdown of what to expect as the new year approaches:

Mobile Optimization Will Become Essential

Today, consumers spend a large percentage of time on a mobile device. Whether they are stalking their newest crush on Facebook, shopping for the greatest deal, or getting directions from one place to the next, the majority of the time we have our cell phone in one hand. As a business, it’s important to be present on the devices your consumers engage with most.  For this reason, mobile optimization is a huge priority. Having a website that functions on all mobile devices will allow you to convert at a higher level.

In addition, in April 2015, Google made an update to their algorithm to cater to this large percentage of mobile users. This change became known as Mobilegeddon, a move to encourage sites to be more user friendly on all devices. This update made mobile usability a relevant factor in ranking on search results. To combat this algorithm change, businesses need to have a fully responsive website—meaning the site adjusts its look depending on the width and orientation of the device. With the majority of consumers on mobile devices and the updates to Google’s algorithm, mobile optimization should be a priority throughout 2016.

Social Advertising Will be a Huge Factor in Building a Social Presence

Because so many consumers are present and active on social platforms, businesses need to get involved! Throughout 2014 and 2015, social platforms started using advertising as a way to incentivize business. For example, Facebook slowly decreased organic post reach in order to get businesses to start paying for advertising campaigns. By paying for ads or boosted posts on Facebook, Facebook gives your brand more exposure.

However, Facebook isn’t the only social network developing an aggressive advertising platform. Other major platforms including Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are also joining the advertising game! When deciding which platform is best for you, make sure your core objectives match with the goal of the platform. If your business’s goal in 2016 is to have a strong social following, participating in paid advertising will get you the traffic your brand needs.

Strong Content Marketing is Necessary

It is no secret that content marketing is important in today’s digital world. Building out a strong content marketing strategy will help your business stand out amongst competitors and will allow you to communicate your business’s differentiating factor to all potential customers. Incorporating blogs, website text, case studies, and mobile responsive content into your website and digital marketing strategy will allow you to communicate properly across all platforms. In addition, great content will help you attract prospects, convert customers, close deals, and strengthen your reputation.

Keeping Up with 2016 Internet Marketing Trends

As the Internet continues to become more and more advanced, businesses will have to adapt their strategy to match the newest updates and trends. Although staying on top of these changes may seem daunting, having a powerful Internet marketing team on your side will allow you to navigate these updates smoothly.

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