It’s that time of year.

As football’s regular season draws near its close, your fantasy football playoffs begin, and the NFL championship chase heats up, it’s also crunch time for all businesses looking for a championship close out to Q4.

As in the NFL, hoisting the trophy at holiday season’s end is the culmination of a great gameplan consistently executed throughout the entire season. At this time of year football franchises and businesses alike find themselves in a wide spectrum of positions.

Bulk Up Your Online Advertising Strategy for the Holiday Playoffs

Whether you’ve exceeded or fallen short of what you’d envisioned for your business in 2015 to this point, below you’ll find several ways that you can leverage online advertising to finish your year in winning fashion, and create great momentum for a banner year in 2016!

Mobilize Your Game Plan

While some debate the effectiveness of the “mobile” quarterback at the NFL level, you won’t find a single defensive coordinator excited by the prospects of facing Cam Newton or Russell Wilson right now. Proponents of more “traditional” quarterback play would be quick to point out that Tom Brady is having a historic season as well, and they would also be correct.

What is not at all debatable however, is that mobile advertising MUST be a part of your gameplan to win holiday 2015 and beyond!

Aside from the mobile usage trends that show us how important a strong mobile brand will be in the coming years, consider how important that already is. According to the data from gathered from Deloitte’s 2015 Holiday Survey below, a whopping 78% of consumers will utilize smartphones with their holiday shopping. Be sure to have a plan in place for how to capitalize on that traffic.

Smartphone Holiday Online Shopping Statistics

Score Touchdowns in the Redzone

When a football team advances the ball within 20 yards of the goal line, they are said to be in the “redzone,” and have a high likelihood of scoring points. Crossing the goal line for 6 points more often than settling for a field goal worth 3, is another attribute that correlates strongly with winning.  

In the world of online advertising, it is important to have a strong remarketing strategy. Individuals that visited your website, and inso doing expressed an interest in your brand, are also in the “redzone.” Strategically managing your online advertising to stay in front of these potential customers with the right content, at the right times, and with the right frequency can be exactly what you need for the win.

Win the Turnover Battle

In the game of football there is not a single statistic that correlates more strongly with wins and losses than turnovers. Teams that give the ball away more often than they take it from their opponents lose more often than they win.

Football players and coaches are acutely aware of this, yet teams that become careless with the football and do not value it highly enough, inevitably turn it over….and often lose as a result of their mistake.

The “possession” you must value above all else to win holiday 2015 is your brand’s current social followers. As competition for new client acquisition becomes more fierce than ever before, be sure to devote significant social advertising resources to your current fans.

Take the Lead in the Online Advertising Playoffs with the Highest ROI

Don’t rely on organic reach to convey your message because it is quite limited–many fans will not see your content. Also keep in mind that in many cases ROI is higher when targeting this segment anyway, so executing this play could be just what you need for your game winning drive.

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