Social media has been an integral part of the most successful marketing plans for years, but each day a growing number of businesses realize how to incorporate and leverage social advertising to meet their most important marketing goals.

While the vast number of business owners that contact us regarding their online brands believe social media is an important variable in their marketing equations, very few understand how to position it to realize full value.

One of the most common questions we field centers around the idea of quantifying social media results in the form of profits. Many business owners have experienced difficulty defining consistent conversion channels, and measuring those channels in ROI terms.

Last week, Facebook Ads rolled out a new feature that will help business owners increase their efficiency dramatically in this area.

All of our clients want to increase the strength and size of their social media brand, but most that are engaged in social media advertising also want to generate and convert leads immediately. While this has always been possible and profitable, the introduction of Facebook Lead Ads serves to streamline the process.

What You Need To Know About Facebook’s New Lead Generation Ads

Until this point, using Facebook as a lead generation tool was a two step process.

Generating Leads Through Facebook

In the Past

The first step for advertisers was to create effective ads that generated a strong response within the target audience. When users clicked on the ad, they would be directed to a website. The second step was to structure the website that ads traffic was funneled to properly for conversion.


The newly launched Facebook Leads Ads eliminate step two from this process by allowing advertisers to gather relevant lead data on Facebook. This eliminates the need to guide traffic off the platform.

There are several significant advantages to this.

The obvious advantage is structural. Generally speaking, the easier you make your sales process for your prospects, the stronger your conversion rates will be. The ability to gather lead data from a Facebook user without the need for them to leave platform should significantly boost efficiency.

Additionally, numerous advantages pertain specifically to mobile users who often account for the majority of the target audience.

The first of these load times. You’ve probably experienced this personally. When you click on a link that takes you away from Facebook to a different website, load times can  be quite slow. Many users fall out of lead generation funnels simply because they grow impatient with this inconvenience.

Make it More Mobile-Friendly

In the Past

The forms that are used on websites that ads traffic is directed to for conversion are difficult often to complete on mobile devices. Many users fall out of lead generation sales funnels unnecessarily because of this.


To combat these inefficiencies, forms within Facebook Lead Ads load instantly, and are designed for the mobile user. Facebook has made this process even more responsive on mobile devices. Much of the data that is advertisers would want from a new lead is automatically input for the user. When additional information is required, it can be easily supplied on any mobile device.

Regardless what business you’re in, this a feature that will add leverage to your marketing arsenal. Have a healthy pipeline full of leads with Facebook Lead Ads.

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