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Believe it or not, SEO affects us all everyday. Google processes more than 40,000 queries every second of every day.

This equates to 3.5 billion searches per day, and 1.2 trillion searches world wide. Chances are, you were one of those searchers. When a user enters a query on Google, Google’s algorithm aims to provide only the highest quality search results.

Google will prioritize websites with original and useful content that is relevant to the user’s search. Most of the websites you frequently interact with from SERPs have been search engine optimized in some capacity.

Let’s take a closer look at the ways SEO is involved in our daily lives.

20 Searches That You Use On a Daily Basis

1. Navigate

For simple errands and tasks, you might need directions. Whether you’re looking for directions, trying to find a nearby coffee shop, or figuring out which grocery store to go to in your new neighborhood, you’re probably searching online to find what you’re looking for. Google’s Maps 3 Pack, a list of local businesses at the top of the search results, will help you find local businesses near your current location.

2. Find a Restaurant

Let’s say you’ve entered “delis” or “Indian food” into the search bar on Google. You can use Google maps to find the closest restaurant! You can search from your phone or desktop, and instantly access directions from these results.

3. Plan a Date

If you decide to search “creative dates,” Google will carefully select blogs and news articles regarding this topic. Google is all about the user experience, so they strive to make sure you find the most up to date and relevant information. Most of the articles on page one of the results will be optimized with keywords and headings along the lines of “creative,” “fun,” or “awesome” date ideas.

4. Hire Someone

If you’re looking to hire someone to complete a task, for example a cleaning service or wedding photographer, you may rely on Google to help you choose a reputable business to hire. Maybe you’re going to hire a lawyer. Would you skip to page six of the results to select a law firm? Definitely not! You’re going to choose someone that is ranking highly on page one.

5. Find a Job

If you’re searching for open positions in your field of expertise, you’ll notice that Google pulls results from the best and most relevant sources. You won’t see any shady Craigslist posts ranking highly, but you will see results pop up from websites like or

6. Learn About Current Events

If you’re looking for up to date information about presidential campaigns and debates, you can use Google’s Custom Search function to sort results by date and relevance. You’ll be able to get the latest scoop as Google filters the results with the publication date.

7. Stalk Your Ex

If you’re going to stalk your ex online, Google will assist you by displaying their social media platforms, available images, and slow track and field times from high school databases.  

8. Learn a New Skill

Maybe you’re trying to find a website where you can learn Spanish or Sign Language. Maybe you’re trying to get an online certification to help you learn a new skill at work. If you’re searching for a company online that will help you learn these skills, Google will make sure to rank highest quality websites first.

9. Adopt an Animal

Don’t pretend you’ve never searched for cute kittens online. If you’re looking to adopt an animal, or just fantasizing about it, searching online will help you find animal shelters near you. If you enter “kittens for adoption” on Google, you’ll get numerous great results for local cat rescues nearby.

10. Solve a Problem

Trying to solve a difficult equation? Looking for the answer to a question? Google has the answer. Since Google has the capacity to search through over 30 trillion web pages, it is incredibly likely that Google will be able to find the answer you are looking for somewhere within the depths of its many, many indexed pages.

11. Learn the Latest Celebrity Gossip

Searching for celebrity gossip online? Enter “celebrity gossip” on Google and see TMZ, Perez Hilton, and E! Soar to the top of the results. These infamous platforms are definitely considered to be some of the most relevant in that area, and Google knows this.

12. Find Cheap Event Tickets

Trying to see when your favorite band will be in town next? Looking for the best deals on tickets? Most likely the first place you went to look for these tickets was a search engine.

13. Find The Best Deals

For all the online shopping lovers out there, you’ve surely become an expert at deal-hunting online. Utilize Google’s search results to help you find the best deals across the board.

14. Find Out About Your Ailments

We’ve all done it. Searching for the suspicious mole on your back? Looking on WebMD for your latest symptoms? If you’re attempting to diagnose yourself online, Google will make sure to provide you with the most authoritative sites on that subject matter (thanks Google).

15. Learn About Your Pet’s Suspicious Behaviors

Curious about why your cat swats you awake at night? Wondering why he only drinks out of the faucet and refuses to touch his water bowl? Search on Google to decode your cat’s strange habits.

16. Find a Cheesy Quote for Your Instagram

Maybe a classic Jane Austen witticism is your cup of tea, or maybe you’re more into adding cryptic G-Eazy quotes to caption your photos. Whatever floats your boat, you’ll be able to search Google’s web results or Google Images for the ultimate caption for any occasion.

17. How to Pick Up Girls at the Gym

Looking for romantic advice? The internet is full of it. Google will provide you with videos, lists, and tips for scoring your next date.

18. Learn a New Hobby

Have you been looking for a new hobby? From cooking to guitar playing, you can find it all online. Maybe you’ve already searched online for your hobby. Maybe you’ve looked for the closest paddle board shop or found a nearby hiking trail!

19. Find a Recipe

Find the best recipe to impress your mother in law. Browse through the Martha Stewart website for a to-die-for anniversary dish. Recipes are an incredibly common search on Google, and chances are you’ve looked for a recipe to make at some time or another.

20. Find Flights

So you’ve discovered Google Flights. We know, we love it too. Google’s expert algorithm    scours the deepest corners of the Internet high and low for the best deals and presents them in an orderly fashion. It will even suggest to you cheaper dates surrounding your inquiry. Go ahead, plan that trip you’ve been dying to go on!

How SEO and Internet Marketing Affect Your Life Everyday

As you can see from the examples above, SEO and Internet marketing are intertwined within your daily life. We are constantly being marketed and advertised to, and the digital world is a great illustration of this.

Maybe you never noticed it before, or maybe you were incredibly aware of it, but Google and SEO actually aim to make your life better. Google and SEO cater to the searcher, so that you’ll be presented with only the best, most relevant results.
SEO allows you to find exactly what you want, right at your fingertips. So, next time you’re searching for the closest gas station on the way home from work, think of SEO!


About the Author

Ariel Kozicki is an SEO Specialist at OMNI Online Solutions. Using her passion for detail and organization, she collaborates with OMNI’s SEO Team to create innovative website maps and business profiles for each client.

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