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Is your SEO out of shape? If your website is not on the first page of google, it may be time to cut the fat and use techniques and search engine optimization tools to get your website where you want it. There are many free tools and techniques you can use to strengthen the credentials of your website and muscle onto the first page.

What Are Free SEO Tools And How Can They Help?

SEO software and tools can dramatically impact the optimization of your website. Sites that adhere to the white hat principals of Google are more likely to rank in comparison to  those that implore poor SEO techniques.

What Are the Most Effective SEO Tools?

One of the most convenient SEO tools on the Internet is the MOZ toolbar.

This SEO toolbar has a lot of helpful tools and features that can surely point out flaws on your website and help you understand why or why not your website is ranking well or poorly.

The MOZ software can show you the headings on your website as Google sees them, and by using this tool, you can determine whether the placement, wording and tags of your headings are properly optimized.

Headings are very important to Google, and properly tagging and placing your headings is essential to muscling your way through the competition and coming out on top.

How Can Competitive Analysis Improve SEO?

It is always a good idea to identify your competition. If your competitors are ranking better or worse than you, it is important to find out why.

It is a good idea to drill down into a website and determine what keywords they are targeting and what other on-site techniques your competitors are integrating to push their website to the top of the first page.

Through comparison of well ranking websites, you can find similarities and differences that may help you determine the best search engine optimization techniques to use on your own website.

Poor SEO Techniques For Bloggers

Blogging can have a lasting positive impact on your SEO strategy. However, in order for it be effective, the blogs must be properly optimized.

One of the most common, poor SEO blogging practices is allowing title tags to be automatically populated. Generally, a post title should not be your title tag. Instead, your title tag should be hand crafted to improve your SEO presence.

For example, the title of your blog could be “Get Your SEO In Shape For Summer”, while your title tag should be along the lines “Getting Your SEO in Shape With Search Engine Optimization Techniques.”

This will keep the punch of the blog title and will also be more optimized for google, given the new hand crafted title tag.

How To Strengthen Your SEO Presence

Due to the fact that SEO is continually evolving, it is important to stay up to date with Google updates. It is also very important to educate through online resources such as Clickminded.

Although these tools and software may cost money, they will inevitably help you with your overall understanding of SEO techniques, and they will more importantly keep you up to date with current SEO tactics.

Just like summer bodies are made in the winter, summer SEO results are also made many months ahead.


Derek Soler, SEO Specialist
About the Author

Derek Soler is an SEO Specialist at OMNI Online Solutions. Using his attention to detail and innovative problem solving skills, he implements specific SEO techniques to optimize websites and profiles for various clients in different industries.

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