As a Digital Marketing Company, there are a lot of things we would like our clients to understand when it comes to their SEO strategy, however, when we work on getting our clients the best results, we aren’t just focusing solely on SEO.

SEO According to Adele

Today, there are many components to SEO that play a significant role in getting your business the results you want. Take a look at the following breakdown (according to Adele’s “Hello” lyrics) that can help you understand our strategy a little more.

“They say that time’s supposed to heal ya”

Many people assume that your SEO efforts will show immediately after creating your website. As much as this can be true to some parts, it isn’t always the case.

When your site finally goes live on the Internet, Google’s algorithms go straight to work. They start crawling and understanding your site, but they can’t read and compare your site in just one day. It takes a series of events from reading content, understanding images, to even evaluating user experience for Google to properly rank your site.

As we continue to monitor and check up on your site, we make sure its functionality and tools are being read and ranked by Google.

“I must have called a thousand times”

The importance of having a good web presence across different platforms is often a greatly overlooked. This can be the difference between getting a potential customer to call your business or not.

Making sure your business is properly optimized across different platforms online not only helps Google become familiar with your business but it also allows people to find your business on the platforms (besides Google) that they rely on to find information.

These can include platforms such as Bing, Yelp, and Facebook. Properly displaying your businesses NAP and specific details is also a huge deal, as it helps Google know exactly what you’re trying to help clients find.

“It’s so typical of me to talk about myself, I’m sorry”

Not only do you need a user friendly site, you also need one that provides the right information for your business. While this is definitely the one time it’s okay to go into detail about your business, you definitely don’t want to go overboard.

That’s why having properly written SEO-rich content not only can help improve your results but allows your customers to fully understand the services you can provide them. Not only does this help convert these visitors into new customers, it also helps Google properly rank your site.

“There’s such a difference between us”

Having a uniquely built and designed website is important factor when trying to convert your visitors into customers. Not only do you want and need your site coded right to function in the best way possible, you also need it to be appealing so they continue to look through your content and end with contacting you. This side of your strategy greatly complements the SEO in your site by best providing your potential customers with the right information.

Creating an SEO Strategy for Your Business in 2016

With 2016 right around the corner, the possibilities are endless for your business when it comes to developing or improving your SEO strategy this new year. We are here to help make sure your site and the strategies used help provide you with the best results. We’ll see you on the other side!

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