As the rapper T.I. once proclaimed, “Sites on point, backlinks strong, I said baby you can rank wherever you like. Yeah you can rank where ever you like.”

Ok, so maybe his verse went a little differently. But even T.I. would be intrigued to learn a little something about SEO. So what do SEO and music have in common anyway?

SEO is like a symphony. The entire orchestra must be involved in order for the piece to fully come together. If the string section makes a mistake, then the whole concert can come crashing down.

In an SEO company, when all internet marketing departments work together like a group of musicians, then a melodious blend can come together seamlessly.

You can rank #1 on Google

It is possible to score a first page spot on Google or create a fabulous musical number, as long as you are committed to working with these key components.

  • Content
  • Time
  • Effort

Strong content will help you rank on Google

Think about your favorite song. What’s in it? What’s it all about? If it didn’t have something meaningful within its content, chances are you wouldn’t find it so special.

Google feels the same way about original, creative content on websites. Producing a site with quality content and pages of relevant, insightful text will allow Google to help searchers find what they are looking for, and to find your site. Aim to impress Google with your suave lyrics and keyword-optimized content and you’ll pave your way to SEO success.

It takes time to rank on Google

Whether you’re crafting a website or composing a musical work of art, you’ll need time on your side. Rome wasn’t built in a day, Beethoven’s 5th wasn’t written in a day, and most likely your website won’t rank #1 in a day. However, with careful editing, crafting, and meticulous refinement, a well executed SEO strategy also needs a little time to fully provide the results you’re looking for.

Google needs time to crawl through the pages of your site, and it can take several months for a brand new website to truly reach its full potential. With time on your side, a correctly optimized site will begin to rank at its true capacity.

Your SEO strategy will require continuous effort

When the release of Lil Wayne’s eleventh studio album had numerous delays, did he simply stop working and let down his fans? Absolutely not! He came out with mixtape Sorry4TheWait2 to appease his audience. In order to stay relevant in the musical world and to maintain the excellent reputation he had earned, he continued to produce content that would please his fans.

Continuing to produce blogs and adding other content to your site will help do the same for your SEO results. Your website is a piece of music and Google can be your biggest fan, but you’ll have to continue to create new content and update current content or Google will soon get bored and move on to the next boy band in town.

From rap songs to symphonies, we can all look to music to learn a valuable lesson that we can employ in our search engine optimization endeavors. Time, effort, and creativity are all involved within the formula that makes up SEO. Just like a hit record requires passion and dedication, so does your SEO strategy.

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