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It’s 2016—if you’re business isn’t on social media yet, it needs to be!

Being on major social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, gives you the ability to interact with current customers, reach out to potential new customers, and keep your business up to date with current trends.

Being on social media also gives you the unique opportunity to respond directly to compliments, criticisms and complaints.

3 Simple Strategies for Better Customer Service on Social Media

Providing excellent customer service on social media means addressing every compliment, criticism, complaint—no matter how easy or difficult responding may seem.  

Addressing a compliment is arguably the easiest, as a simple “Thank you!” or “We appreciate your kind words” will usually suffice.  

When it comes to addressing complaints or criticism, however, a more in depth response is usually necessary. Customers want to be heard and have their concerns addressed, ideally within a few hours or less.

Deciding whether or not to respond to complaints can also have an effect on other potential customers, as research shows that consumers are less likely to buy from companies that do not answer complaints on social media.

While there is no simple solution when it comes to addressing customer concerns and complaints, there are three key steps you can take to ensure you are always providing your customers with excellent customer service!

1. Respond Quickly

According to an Edison Research study, 42% of customers expect to receive a response to their customer service question or complaint in under an hour.

Responding to customers quickly shows them that you are listening and sympathizing with their situation.

Even if you do not have a resolution for them quite just yet, responding lets them know that you’re aware of their situation and are working towards finding a solution.

2. Personalize Your Response

Frustrated customers do not want an automated response—they want a response that is genuine and addresses their unique situation. Sending an automated response can cause customers to feel like you’re not valuing their complaints, causing more resentment.

Using their name in your response, or speaking about their situation directly, are both great ways to let them know that your company cares about them.

Additionally, asking for personal information, or for more details, can help customers feel like progress is being made and can help diffuse a tense situation.

3. Provide Updates

If a resolution will take time to accomplish, or you need more time to work something out on your end, let your customer know.

Keeping your customers in the dark can lead to more anger and frustration. Customers do not want to keep following up on an issue or problem, and would prefer honest and open communications—even if it’s not exactly the answer that they would like to hear.

Be as transparent as you can be and update your customer at least once a day on what progress has been made, and what the new timeline looks like.

Increase Customer Service in Your Social Media Strategy

Providing your customers with excellent customer service is no easy feat! It requires consistently listening to customers across all of your social media platforms and providing a quick and genuine response.

Unintentionally ignoring a concern or complaint could cost your company many loyal customers, as well as potential new customers. To ensure this doesn’t happen, you should have a team that is well equipped and well prepared to handle all of your social media needs.

With the help of a social media and reputation management team, you can ensure that your customers’ concerns are always addressed and responded to—so that your customers always remain happy and satisfied!


Kathleen Mirabal, Social Media Specialist
About the Author

Kathleen Mirabal is a Social Media Specialist at OMNI Online Solutions. She creates social media strategies and email marketing campaigns to help clients increase their brand awareness and make a great impression online.

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