Is Your Business on Instagram? Here’s 3 Reasons It Should Be.

This past year was a huge one for social media! Pinterest launched new “Buyable Pins”, Twitter changed their  “favorites” to “likes”, and Facebook users started logging over 8 billion video views per day!

In 2015, many businesses began to understand the importance of social media and social media advertising—the number of active Facebook small business pages jumped to 40 million and spending on social media advertising increased 33.5% for a total of $23.68 billion worldwide!

While the statistics prove that businesses have begun to embrace the importance of establishing a consistent and active social media presence, many are still ignoring one key social media platform: Instagram.

What is Instagram?

Instagram, a photo-sharing site, has over 400 million active users and continues to grow daily! The site is extremely popular with adults aged 18-29, and is gaining popularity with other age brackets.

Why Instagram Can Benefit Your Business

All businesses can benefit from being on Instagram—even service companies! Service companies can use Instagram to showcase the history of their business, their company culture, and their philanthropic efforts.

Not only can Instagram help boost a business’s brand awareness, but it can also help them connect with current customers, and even help them reach new ones!

If the increasing number of Instagram users, as well as the fact that humans are attracted to all things visual, still don’t have you convinced, here’s 3 more reasons why your business should definitely be on Instagram.

1. You’ll Get Higher Rates of Engagement

While Instagram’s 2015 rates of engagement were lower than its 2014 numbers, it’s still considered the “King of Social Engagement”, with a per-follower interaction rate of 2.261%. This number is extremely high when contrasted with the .216% and .027% rates Facebook and Twitter received, respectively.  Posts that included another user handle or had hashtags had even higher per-follower engagement rates!

2. You’ll Have The Opportunity To Reach All Of Your Followers—Without Advertising

It’s getting harder and harder to reach your followers without using some sort of advertising—businesses on Facebook typically only reach three to 15 percent of their followers!  This is largely due to Facebook’s Edgerank system: an ever-changing algorithm that chooses which followers see the posts and updates business pages create.

There is no such algorithm on Instagram, which means that you’ll have the opportunity to reach every single one of your followers!

While there is no guarantee that all of your followers will see all of your posts, you’ll have a greater chance that your posts will reach more of your followers.

3. You’ll Have The Opportunity to Reach New Customers—With or Without Advertising

Instagram gives you the opportunity to reach your existing customers and followers, as well as reach out to new ones! Unlike Facebook, you can reach out to personal Instagram pages and send direct messages or comments, without the individual having to reach out to you first! You can also target new customers with hashtags, innovative contests, and mentions.

Additionally, you can utilize Instagram’s new advertising platform to reach new customers in your target market.

Driving Your Business To Success with Social Media Marketing

While there are many benefits to having an Instagram for your business, it cannot be used alone! It must be used in conjunction with other top social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Having a cohesive marketing strategy, that encompasses all major social media platforms, will help you increase your brand awareness and help take your business to the next level!

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