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Over the past year and a half, organic reach on Facebook has dropped significantly! And, while Facebook is constantly tweaking their algorithm in an attempt to show more relevant content to their users, it doesn’t necessarily mean that these tweaks will result in an increase of your posts’ reach or engagement.

There are many different strategies you can try in order to increase your post reach and engagement, including adding Facebook advertising, or using hashtags within your posts, but the newest strategy includes creating videos to share with your Facebook audience.

In December, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the platform was generating over 8 billion video views per day—and that number will likely rise exponentially this year.  With over 50 billion businesses now on Facebook, all fighting for a piece of each Facebook users’ newsfeed, it’s time to be strategic and add videos to your strategy!

Here are the top 3 reasons you should consider adding videos to your Facebook strategy:

  1. Videos Reach More Users

While organic reach on traditional posts has been declining, video reach has been increasing! This is in part due to the tweaks Facebook has made to their algorithm and newsfeed, which make videos easier to watch and share. Another reason videos get higher reach and engagement is due to their “autoplay” nature and the fact that most are captioned, making them easy (and fun!) to watch at work or in public.  And, the more people watch and interact with a video, the more likely it is to be seen by other Facebook users (due to Facebook’s algorithm), further increasing its organic reach.

  1. Videos Get More Engagement

Video posts, on average, get a 6.11% engagement rate, versus 6.05% for photos and 4.04% for plain status updates. While the difference between video posts and photo posts may seem small, videos engagement rates are likely to increase significantly, especially with the launch of Facebook’s live video stream.  Users spend even more time watching and engaging with live videos vs. non-live videos. If you include live video streams, as well as non-live videos into your social strategy, you’ll definitely see an increase in organic reach and engagement!

  1. Video Ads Receive Free Auto-Captioning

According to research, only 22% of all Facebook videos are clicked to play sound. This means that most of the people watching a video are watching it muted! While it may not be ideal for people to watch your videos without sound, having your videos captioned can help get your message across. Traditional video captioning methods can be costly and time-consuming, but with Facebook’s free auto-captioning, it can be super easy to communicate your message, at a low cost. Adding captions can also increase your video’s average view time—research suggests that it can increase it by almost 12%!
At a time when it’s getting harder and harder to reach your target audience, social media can help make it easier! Hiring a social media marketing team, that can create a cohesive and thorough marketing strategy that includes photos, videos, and other media, can help take your business to the next level! With a social strategy that includes videos, the possibilities are endless!


Kathleen Mirabal, Social Media Specialist
About the Author

Kathleen Mirabal is a Social Media Specialist at OMNI Online Solutions. She creates social media strategies and email marketing campaigns to help clients increase their brand awareness and make a great impression online.

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