Given the vast amount of social platforms available today, there’s a good chance your company is active on more than just one. Having a presence on multiple platforms is best practice for online media marketing, and it’s vital you keep your online brand consistent.

How to Keep Your Brand Consistent on Social Media

Consumers base a lot of their judgements of a company based on their social media presence, and a consistent brand is considered a dependable brand. These are a few key rules you should be following in order to optimize your social media marketing efforts!

1. Display Name and Picture

This may seem like a given, but there are plenty of companies that fail to use the same handle for their business across their social media platforms. If people find you on one network they may be intrigued to search you on others. Make it easy for them to find you and increase the chances that they choose to do business with you. You can use the website Knowem to check the availability of your desired username across a handful of popular social networking platforms. It’s also equally as important to keep your profile picture the same on different networks as well. This leaves little room for confusion from a user searching for your business specifically and displays a uniformity across platforms.

2. Voice

The voice you choose to represent your brand should be something you’ve planned out thoughtfully. The way in which your business speaks should be targeted directly towards your key audience. An effective voice will deliver your brand’s message clearly and encourage positive consumer engagement. Your voice isn’t restricted to the type of company or service you provide. If you’re an insurance agency you aren’t limited to being serious, educated, or formal. If you want your company to be the funny, relatable insurance guys that’s great! As long as you stick to that identity. It’s important that you post consistently to all all networks with the same voice. Inconsistencies in your voice could hurt the way a consumer views your company. It displays poor planning and sends mixed signals.

3. Visual Content

If done properly, the visual content you post should tell a story about your company. If you post graphic content to one social platform and post a different type to another, it’s telling a conflicting story that could confuse users. Make sure you post the same, if not similar, types of photos. Your business should also have a theme it sticks to whether it be funny, motivating, or entertaining. Networks like Instagram are heavily visual, so you have the opportunity to create a visual brand for your business. And like your voice, it’s important that all aspects of the brand be consistent.

These tips will help you achieve a more consistent and effective online brand. However, executing these properly takes a lot of time and strategic planning. Consult with a team of highly experienced social media specialists and optimize your company’s online presence!


Kim Isley, Social Media Specialist
About the Author

Kimberly Isley is a Social Media Specialist at OMNI. She helps clients optimize online presence through personalized social media plans and email marketing campaigns.

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