Hello, 2016. The New Year is here and with it comes numerous personal and professional resolutions. It inspires people to try new things, set ambitious new goals, visit the gym, and reflect on their lives. For business owners, those new goals may include a stronger social media marketing strategy.

4 Goals To Set in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2016

While gym attendance is already starting to taper off, work is just getting started. If you’re looking to elevate your brand and encourage your consumers to connect with your business, dive head first into the social media waters. Here are four goals to include in your strategy that will help you achieve that goal.

1. Generate Engagement

It’s no longer enough to simply have a social media presence. Nothing is more important than generating engagement in social media marketing. Engagement drives impressions, which ultimately results in your business’ end goal: your brand’s name in front of more eyes.

What does your audience want to hear? What will catch their attention and encourage retweets, likes and shares? Catering your post content to your audience will help you build relationships and brand advocacy.

2. Personalize your Social Media Efforts

More followers cannot be the only goal. You have to work to personalize your social media efforts and engage and connect with your customers.

At its roots, social media is about developing deeper connections with people — so make sure your content matches the customer journey. Long gone are the days when a purchase represents the end of the customer journey. In the world of social media, a purchase is just the beginning.

Beefing up your social media presence with personal feel will transform your initial prospects into lifetime customers. Give your content some true personality because social customers expect a personalized touch when interacting with businesses on social media platforms.

3. Know Your Audience and Social Networks

It’s important to know where your customers spend their time. In order to make the most out of your efforts, you want to invest your time and money on the social networks where your customers are.

Facebook used to be a hub for teenage socializing but now it seems to be losing some traction among the younger audience. Instagram has a largely younger audience while LinkedIn’s audience tends to be your professional network.

With demographics in mind, it’s important to create and curate content that your audience will enjoy. Narrow down your ideal demographic and cater your voice and content to them.

The goal should be to share things that resonate deeply with your followers and depending on the technical regulations of each social network, your content may be differ platform to platform.

4. Tap into the World of Online Advertising

Facebook’s algorithm makes it so you won’t be able to reach all of your followers organically. Why is this bad for business? The goal of your social media efforts should be to increase your brand visibility.

You want to be remembered and social media can help you do that if you are effectively showing up in people’s News Feeds. Facebook advertising has a number of valuable targeting options, including age, interest, behavior, and education, that will help you become visible to the people that matter most.

Gearing Up Your Social Media Presence for the New Year

Whether you’re mending bad habits, hitting the gym or revving up your social media marketing strategy, the end result is worth the effort. Consult with a team of experienced digital marketing experts who will help you take your social brand to the next level in the new year.

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