Bringing Your Business on Social Media? Here’s 4 Ways to Optimize Your Business’s Instagram Profile

Is your business utilizing Instagram? If not, you’re missing out on reaching potential clients, creating brand awareness, and increasing revenue.

Instagram is the perfect opportunity for optimizing your company’s digital marketing. Compared to other social media platforms that average about .1% engagement, Instagram averages 4.20%. The app is free, easy to use, and can be downloaded on any smart device.

These tips will help your Instagram account become a social media marketing tool!

1. Find your Voice

Who buys your product or service? What’s the personality of your consumer, and how can you cater your voice to reach them?

People like a little personality so don’t be afraid to be relatable! Instagram is a fun, social app—your voice should be too.

You want to be casual yet informative. Use your voice to become a trusted source for what you’re selling.

2. Create Graphic Content

It’s important to create visually pleasing images or graphics. Your page is like a photo album that users can scroll through to not only learn, but to be entertained.

Instagram is an emotionally driven platform, meaning you can cater your posts to evoke love, empathy, pride, hope, and so on. You have the opportunity to motivate and inspire your targeted demographic.

Create graphics that have text and quotes on them and find a clever way to tie it back to your industry or product. Ask your followers to perform an action that will make them feel good.

For example, “Tag a friend who’s always got your back!” or “The best place to eat one of our sandwiches is ____”.

3. Nail The Caption

Your caption is the perfect way to reinforce your company’s values and create user interaction. It’s here where your voice really comes out, so make sure to draft and put thought into it.

Be sure to switch up the content of your captions as well. Describe your business, product, or service. Ask followers to perform an action like, “Double tap if you agree!”. Use emoji’s in the caption to add personality and flare.

It’s also critical to use hashtags. People will be able to find your content and profile. Include anywhere from 5-10 hashtags and post them in a comment on your photo after you’ve posted it with the regular caption. And most importantly create content that will get your followers talking.

4. Build Your Following

You may have the most riveting and visually stunning photos in the world, but that doesn’t mean much if you don’t have any followers! This is a tricky and laborious process, but there are ways to increase and reach your audience.

If you’re just starting out make sure you have a substantial amount of photos posted before you begin. Use websites like and search what hashtags are trending and see what hashtags are popular for your industry.

Use the the search tool on Instagram to explore those hashtags, and start liking! Follow other people in your industry, influencers, and potential customers.

Better Your Social Media Strategy on Instagram with These Tips

These tips can help you utilize Instagram to better reach your clients and grab their attention. However, these best practices are time consuming and if not pursued properly won’t have optimal benefits. Consult with a team of experienced marketing and media experts who can take your brand and social media presence to the next level!


Kim Isley, Social Media Specialist
About the Author

Kim Isley is a Social Media Specialist at OMNI Online Solutions. She creates unique social media and email marketing strategies for clients with her writing and creativity skills.

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