Some businesses that are stuck in the old way of doing things don’t see how influential social media has become. If you’re seeing the world change around you, don’t just sit back and watch it – get involved! Social media is more than just status updates; it is a human online connection that allows both you and your customers to feel more involved.

If your business was a person, it would want to talk to its friends, hangout with them, and do things that it loves, right? So why not let it do that? Social media allows you to talk to your customers, interact with them, and show them what you are up to. In case you’re not fully on board yet, here are some undeniable reasons why not being involved with social media can hurt your business:

1. Your greatness won’t be shared

If you have a loyal customer base, they already know how great your business is, but they might not know just how great. Without social media, they don’t know what kinds of promotions you may be offering or events that you are hosting. Your customers will not be able to share your greatness with others or be able to connect to your brand. Social media allows you to share blogs, your business expertise, your people, and your culture all over the world. Showing current and potential customers what your business is all about helps craft a deeper personal connection.

2. You won’t be in the loop about what’s going on with your competitors

If your competitors are on social media, they already have a leg up on what’s going on in your industry. Being aware of what’s currently going on in your industry and monitoring the actions of your competitors can help guide decisions and action steps that your business needs to take.

3. You’re not fully utilizing your advertising efforts

Social media is free advertising. Have a flash sale going on? Have new products that just came in? Letting all of your followers know via social media is fast, effective, and more personal. Today, people turn to social media more than ever. You will have a higher success rate using social media to promote your business than traditional advertising mediums.

4. You will not be able to engage with customers

With the forms of communication that we use today, people expect a response or an answer to their questions rapidly. Social media allows you to engage with your customers and provide them with instant information. Social media is very interactive and allows you to create a community to build more personal relationships with your customers. When customers interact with your social media posts (comment, like, share), their loyalty to your brand grows and you are able to establish a voice. A lack of a social media presence means you must work harder to engage with your customer base.

5. You are unaware of what customers are saying about you

Being blind to what your customers are saying about you online can hurt your reputation and inhibit your growth. When customers are talking about you online, it means that they really care. If they care about sharing their experiences, suggestions, or opinions with you, you should care about making efforts to react and demonstrate that you are listening. Without a social media presence, you are unable to answer questions and respond to their comments.

People buy from businesses they know, like, and trust. There’s no better way to establish authenticity than through social media. Stand out from the rest.

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