Facebook Contests for Social Media MarketingWith organic reach on Facebook continually decreasing and advertising becoming the norm, it’s important to start thinking creatively in order to reach your fans!  While Facebook Advertising is still the best way to reach your fans consistently, there are other social media marketing strategies that can help give your business page a boost. Holding contests or giveaways on Facebook can help your posts get more reach, comments, and shares! While this strategy is best when used in conjunction with Facebook Advertising, simply holding a contest can help increase your page’s reach and engagement on its own.

While Facebook has a few rules about what is considered a “legal” contest, it gives business pages a lot of creative freedom in terms of creating the actual content and strategy.  The one main rule? You can’t ask your fans to share a post or to tag their friends in order to enter. Beyond that, everything is fair game!

If this seems exciting and liberating, that’s because it is! The sky is the limit when it comes to Facebook contests. There are, however, a few proven strategies that you may want to try for your first Facebook contest. After deciding what prize you want to give away, choose your favorite amongst these popular methods:

1. Like to Win  
The easiest and simplest contest involves asking your fans to like a post or a photo to win a prize. All of your fans that like your photo or post will be entered into the contest! A different take on this strategy would be to require entrants to like a post AND like your page in order to win.

2. Comment to Win
This type of contest goes a step further and asks your fans to comment on a specific post in order to enter. Typically, you would ask a question within the post and then have fans answer within the comments. For example, you could ask fans which of your products is their favorite or which of your locations they enjoy going to.

3. Post A Photo
For this type of contest, you would ask your fans to post their photos to your page and then select a winner from there! The criteria that you base the contest off of is completely up to you—for instance, you could select the most creative or the funniest photo from all the entries. You could also award the photo that gets the most likes, which could help increase the amount of visits to your page (the entrant will usually ask family and friends to like the page/photo in this case).

4. Fill In The Blank
This type of contest usually gets a lot of engagement and is a slightly different take on the “Comment to Win” contest. This type of contest will also require entrants to comment to enter the giveaway, but they will be filling in a specific ‘blank’ within your post content.
For example, a pizza restaurant could post “The best pizza topping is ___________ “, and then ask fans to fill in the blank with their favorite toppings.

5. Caption This Photo

This type of contest also gets a lot engagement and can generate some pretty funny content! Ideally, the photo is already a peculiar or silly photo, which helps fans create funny captions. This type of post is also extremely “shareable”, which helps you reach more people organically.

Facebook contests and giveaways, when done properly, can help expand your reach and increase engagement on your page. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, start planning your contest today—anything is possible!


Kathleen Mirabal, Social Media Specialist
About the Author

Kathleen Mirabal is a Social Media Specialist at OMNI Online Solutions. She creates social media strategies and email marketing campaigns to help clients increase their brand awareness and make a great impression online.

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