Visuals are taking over the social web. Since the debut of the digital camera and the smartphone, photo-sharing has become a part of the daily routine for a majority of Internet users.

Everyone appreciates pretty pictures. As humans, we are drawn to visual social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. How come? Imagery and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text and 90 percent of the info transmitted to the brain is visual. When it comes to quick, clear communication, visuals almost always speak louder than words.

As marketers, we have come to realize that copywriting and web design go hand in hand. Your website needs an engaging and powerful content marketing strategy, but it also needs imagery to complement the text and appeal to visual learners. The same goes for social media management!

Why Your Social Media Strategy Needs Imagery

In order to grab the attention of your readers, your social media strategy requires imagery.

Images Are Memorable

People are more inclined to remember what they see and feel. The human population is made up of 65% visual learners. This means that 65% of us depend on imagery and visual content to understand and remember the information that is thrown at us each and every day.

As a social media management company, our goal is to get our content and messages as far as possible. Engaging pictures help us with this. With more and more businesses taking their Internet marketing strategy to social media platforms, there is more to compete with.

People are often in a hurry to click around and explore more on social media networks. Visual content allows your customers and prospects to register, connect with and engage with posts quickly.

Photos Are Worth a Thousand Likes

Visual content drives engagement. We’ve all heard the saying, “a picture is worth 1,000 words” and it holds true on social media. Social media posts with imagery do much better statistically speaking.

According to social media company Buffer, Tweets with images experience roughly 150% more retweets and Facebook posts with images receive an 87% engagement rate.

Images paint a picture and communicate a story quickly. In our society, many people are looking for instant gratification and images provide the perfect kind of stimulation that encourages clicks and engagement.

Be aware that not all photos are created equally! We are trying to evoke emotions in our customer base and followers. How can this be done? Choose images that will elicit a response from your followers.

The exact content and imagery you choose will be dependent on your target persona and brand identity, but as a general rule of thumb, you’ll want to evoke emotion in your followers and funny and happy works better than sad and serious. Infographics, videos, memes and gifs are great ways to increase your visual content.

As a business owner, you want an engaging social brand. Your right-brain prospects and customers will be more inclined to engage with a post that includes visual content. So get out your smartphone and start taking pictures that define your business. Share them on social media and notice the increase in engagement!

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