How to Take the Best Photos for Your Business’s Instagram

So, you’ve set up an Instagram account for your business. You’re using it to network and gain followers and potential customers, but you are having difficulty gaining traction and feel like a strong direction is missing from your feed!

Instagram is an amazing social media marketing tool used to tell a visual story about your brand. When it comes to any type of service, quality is important. In this day and age, your Instagram may be the first impression many potential customers get from your business. The quality of imagery in your feed and of your service or product is just as important as the quality of the service or product itself. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy an expensive camera. With proper direction, the iPhone can do the job just fine.

The first step to getting your business’s Instagram off the ground and running is creating attractive imagery and a cohesive feed. Gain an audience for your brand’s Instagram by utilizing these pro tips:


Using great natural lighting is a no brainer to making any iPhone photograph look more professional. Sunlight is KEY. Dark lighting looks low quality and makes for an uninteresting and dull image.

Pro Tips:

  • Try taking your photos near a window or venture outside.
  • Early morning, afternoon, and overcast days work best for shooting in natural light.
  • Tap the darkest part of the photo to balance exposure.

Poor Lighting Hacks:

  • If needed, increase brightness before any editing. This is the best way to improve any photo without changing it drastically.
  • If lighting is terrible, and it fits with your company’s aesthetic, use a black & white filter.


Adjusting the composition of a photo can create a powerful image from an ordinary situation.Avoid using the Instagram App to take your photos. When you use the application, you are unable to alter the photo by zooming or using iPhone’s grid feature to create a better composition. Altering your photos’ composition could make a world of difference to your Instagram feed. There are plenty of complicated theories on composition, so here are some rules and suggestions made simple.

Pro Tips:

  • Get the angles—stand on a chair for a bird’s eye view, get close to your subject, move to create a sense of depth in your photograph. Play around!
  • Symmetrical images are appealing, but they can also get boring! Try using the rule of thirds.
  • Download the Layout app from Instagram to combine multiple photos into a single image flawlessly.
  • Use lines to draw your viewer’s attention to a clear point of interest.
  • Simplify by moving close to your subject to exclude unwanted parts of the scene and embrace blank spaces. White space can keep your feed fresh.

Poor Composition Hacks:

  • Take horizontal photos. They’re easy to edit later to get a more desired composition.
  • Once you’ve chosen a picture to upload to Instagram, you can switch up the photo’s composition by using the application’s grid and adjust features.
  • Crop to zero in on your subject and fill in unwanted space.
  • Take a lot of photos and comb through options later!

Colors & Filters

Editing tools can be used to take your photographs to the next level—as long as you don’t overdo it. It’s important to create a consistent look and feel across your photographs for a cohesive, branded feed that tells a compelling story. Once you find what works for your brand, stick to it!

Pro Tips:

  • Pick a color palette that defines your brand and create imagery that includes these key colors. Be selective about how you frame your subject to exclude colors that will not lend to your brand’s story.
  • Use similar settings and filters on all of your images. As mentioned earlier, brighter photos are more attractive to viewers. VSCO is a popular outside app that is great at correcting color and gives an artsy feel to almost any photo.
  • Pick a tone—all photos either have a warm, cold, or neutral tone. If you see your photos heading in one of these directions, make sure to adjust the warmth of any future photos to reflect that.
  • When applying a filter, try lowering the intensity to create the desired change in color effect without having to use the full strength of the filter, which can sometimes be overpowering.

Once you understand what makes a great Instagram picture, give yourself room to break the rules and have fun with it. Just remember that visual branding can make a huge difference for your business’s success. Define your brand’s look and stay true to it to get the most out of your social media efforts. If you’re having trouble finding a concrete direction for your Instagram feed, consulting your social media specialist may be the best option for you.


About the Author

Katriana is a Social Media Specialist at OMNI Online Solutions. Using her skills of creativity and writing, she creates social media and email marketing strategies for clients.

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