When you work in a creative field, like website design, it is inevitable that you’ll experience ‘creative block’ at some point.

It is a hard thing to understand when this is not the way you are used to thinking. (And, let’s be real, Designer’s aren’t always the best at using their words — We are Visual)

5 Inevitable Stages of Website Design

Designing your business’s site can be a real challenge, especially if you’ve never designed before. As you decide to take the plunge into website design, here are 5 inevitable stages that you’ll go through when designing your first website.

Stage 1: You’ll Question Everything

What is wrong? — I’m not sure how I am capable of this job? — this stage can happen at any time, and there are no symptoms involved to know when it is going to strike. In this stage, you are forced to think completely with the creative side of your brain—a side that business owners don’t often tap into. You may doubt yourself in this stage. There will be questions about every decision you’ll make. The only way to get out of it is to move on to stage two.

Stage 2: Making Progress

What did I just make? — I’ve put something together, and it looks decent. At this point you’ve adapted an idea, put some sample layouts together, and have a general idea of what you want to create; however, you are more than likely question it or feel that it looks incomplete. Could it be better? Should it look different? Is the color right? These are all questions that will pop into your head in stage two. Embrace these questions! You’ve made amazing progress, but just because you’ve done something, doesn’t mean it’s right for your brand.

Stage 3: Starting Over

You’ve got all your ideas laid out in front of you. Now’s the time to get down to work. In stage three, you’ve either completely scratched your first idea, or have morphed it into something that can actually work. This is the stage where you decide what actually works for your overall brand image, and what you need to create to make it the most functional for your needs.

As you’re starting to reach clarity and are moving out of being stuck in a ‘creative block’, the trick is delegating your time in an effective manner. No matter if your site is one page or 100 pages, this is the time to see if your design is feasible in your given timeline.

Stage 4: Making Real Progress

Here is where the feeling of completeness starts to surface. At this point, you’ve kicked your ‘creative block’ to the curb and have reached confidence in what you’ve created. You’re simply putting on the final touches and are getting ready to bring your designs to life.

Stage 5: Masterpiece.

In stage five, you’ve got every final detail spelled out, every pixel modified, every image cropped, and every piece of text in place—all there’s to do is go live. Don’t question it! You’re ready.

As everyone knows, a masterpiece isn’t created overnight. The more trial and error a project goes through, the more questioning, the more it is reworked and assessed, the better it becomes.

Every Stage of the Website Design Process is Necessary

When it comes to experiencing ‘Creative Block’ your first idea is rarely your best idea, but more of your starting point. All stages of the website design process are necessary. The process is required to create a powerful result. When you skip stages, the result is never as strong. It is important to understand that nothing is ever truly complete, the online world is ever changing, along with the creative world, and we are constantly innovating and making improvements on old, new, and in progress projects—we don’t stop.

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